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Rugby on Channel 490 is Gone


DirecTV offered Super Rugby and Tri-Nations Rugby (Southern hemisphere) last year for free on 490 and 490-1 and it was available again this year along with the Summer Tests in June. The Super Rugby regular season ended on 7/14 and the playoffs (quarterfinals) start on 7/21 with Semi's on 7/27 and 7/28 and Final on 8/4 but as of right now, 7/20 at 14:34 CDT the channels are showing To Be Announced.  Also The Rugby Championships which is advertised on your link below is scheduled to be plated over 6 weekends from August to October.




Spent 28 minutes on the phone with customer service who couldn't find anything on it as their sport program tool didn't show any rugby at all which is odd since I have Fox Soccer Plus as well for Rugby (Northern Hemisphere) and there is some on right now as well. The associate filed an escalation report to see if they can find out why they are not showing them and figured I would post here as well for an answer,





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    Yeah John, I am as mad as you are!


    A customer service rep said I had to buy the MLS package to watch the finals tonite.  What a crock!

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    according to the link posted, the last games (s) were on July 14th

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    Check now. Looks like the matches are now showing up. Not sure if it was due to my call and post or that it was slow in updating the guide as those matches usually didn't show up until Wednesday or Thursday on the guide which made it hard for my Rugby search to find them. Hope we don't miss the Semi's or finals as well as the Rugby Championships as I am looking forward to see how well the Pumas do.

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    Quote:    Originally Posted by john_kurylas 

    Check now. 

    still the same, but if is showing in your receiver, that what matters.

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    After lotsa emails (customer service sends back useless info!!) and 2 phone calls I received a call back & 5 mins after call ended I had the games up on the Guide!! so pleased to read I am not the only frustrated rugby watcher in USA!! received eamil on SAturday telling me to look up the rugby schedule online. I already head!! Why do you think I was sending emails and calling!!! Obviosly, someone forgot to push a button to continue the Super rugby, Carol

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    Yes, that was stressful!  It got even worse when the Queensland Reds lost...


    Guess I will be rooting for Sonny Bill and the Chiefs.

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    Me too!! The Chiefs R MY team. I'm still receiving emails from DirecTV with  responses: like: "use the Search feature on your remote.""check the Rugby schedule online." Hey,  it hasn't been updated since July 14.  I am so frustrated, paying $8.00 p/mth  for the DVR and I can't record until the last day/hour. Don't have a mobile so can only set DVR @ home!! I can see my setting the alarm & getting up @ 2am to watch the Chiefs. 

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    email from DirecTV Customer Service with a new website: http://www.espnscrum.com/scrum/rugby/current/match/fixtures/forthcoming.html

     doesn't help with DirecTV schedule (still no games after July14) but ti gives ALL the rugby games coming up & includes the World Cup Schedule for 2015!!!! DirecTV called me again 2day, still can't bring up the schedule tho' Customer Service did put me thru' to Tech Support. who transfered all my emails to "escalate tech support." got everything crossed that we can get the games this weekend & the Finale next weekend. Chris did talk me thru' "manual record" so did that & hope it will record something!! LIKE a Rugby semi final?????

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    Quote:    Originally Posted by kiwicarol04 

    .... includes the World Cup Schedule for 2015!!!! 

    the World Cup is 2014....Wink in Brazil

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    Yep, that is the soccer World Cup. The website I put up is about rugby & refers to the rugby World Cup which comes 2nd in the world to Soccer. Yes, we love soccer but being a kiwi rugby comes 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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     Then I wonder how I was able to record & watch on my DirecTV 2 rugby games on Ch: 490 on July 21??? 2day, Tuesday July 24, I spoke to Chris @ DirecTV & he has fwd all my emails to an "escalation tech support." There R 2 more weeks of Super rugby but again nothing coming up even 4 DirecTV customer Service people. Chris sounded as baffled as I am!! How can we recieve 21 weeks of Super rugby, then not receive the semi finales & Grand Finale on Aug 4. I have everything crossed that the same tech will find the right button 2 push as he/she did last Saturday!!!

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    Hey guys - thanks for chasing this up and keeping us posted. I just subscribed to DirecTV and am looking forward to the semi's this weekend (as a Crusaders fan). I see nothing on my guide either. I hope it pops up in time or I'll be getting up at 3:30am hoping it will be on rather than setting the DVR ...

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    ooops!! I'm a Chiefs fan (Crusaders when they're not playing the Chiefs!) I'll B sending emails & calling DirecTV Tech support all day Thusday if the rugby ain't up on their Guide. Reckon they have a file a foot thick on me @ DirecTV. I was on to them every day until we got the World Cup Rugby last year!!

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    R we all having problems with Rugby Channel 490-1??? 2 weeks ago we did not receive the All Blacks/S Africa game at all. Recorded 4 hrs of DirecTV logo!! Australia/ Argentina game had spanish commentary!!  This morning the Australia/S Africa game was perfect coverage, 2nite there was no commentary on the NZ/Argentina game until the 62nd minute!! Called DirecTV & got IT person who is adamant it is OUR TV set that is wrong. C'mon, DirecTV techs, we ain't that dumb!! All the other channels in our Prime Choice pkg are working fine!!  was transferred to another tech in Idaho who tried very hard but wasn't successful while on the phone with him. BUT he did something because 62 mins into the game we got the kiwi commentators!! DirecTV your telephone techs need 2 B able 2 see what we R seeing & hearing on our screen. We know when it is our TV set playing up & we gladly accept the techs who talk us thru' resetting BUT the techs must understand & B able to fix the problem when it is @ DirecTV. Again we R not morons!!

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