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FSR and Service Calls


I have a ton of questions about FSR's and Service Calls


1. Do you guys ever get our compliment FSRs? Like I just submitted a compliment on behalf of this customer a second ago , but sometimes I doubt anyone ever tells you guys


2. We always put in the notes if its a one or two story, if there are pets, and the best number to reach the customer at. Do you guys even see that?


3. How come FSR people reschedule people without doing the $50 on time guarentee, thats just dirty.


4. I get UTR'd all the time because a tech puts the last fix as "resent auth". Is there a reason some of you guys dont put the real thing you had to do to fix the customers service?


5. What are the procedures for techs and taking customers recievers, I swear I get 10 calls a day "oh a tech took all those old recievers", and they are still active on the account, is he using them for personal benefit?


6. Speaking of Tech fraud, how rampant is it, I catch a lot of fraud on accounts?


7. How come I see some new customers being installed with HR and H25's instead of clients and an HR34... Customer calls me yelling because they cant record more then two shows at a time.


8. I had a call where a customer was tied into someone elses dish instead of getting their own, thus the playlist and everything were shared and he couldnt figure out what was going on? If its not an MDU account do u ever tie accounts together?

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    1... Nope...supervisors could care less.


    2...Yes we see it...why put in anything other then customer contact info?  No use..two story house?  so what?  Dog?  they don't put them up.  Best number should be first number listed.  Can't tell you how many times customers tell me..*spent two hours on the phone and gave them correct number...that is my old phone number from 2 years ago...etc*


    3...Not in charge of FSR people..no clue


    4...We can put whatever reason in there..and makes no difference...half the time we get to customers house..everything is working fine..so it is lucky shot on what we do to fix the problem (resent authorization is only used by me if customer wants hd/mrv and mpeg 4 tag on account and CSR did not know to take that off..before adding hd and/or mrv..think you(csr) need supervisor approval.)


    5...Take receivers on swaps only or if CSR on phone tells me to take it (swap relocates biggest issue).  Don't know of anyone using receiver at their house or friends.


    6...Know of one instance of tech taking a receiver..he is no longer employed with us.  Wifi's/bb deca's...different..when we didn't have to ping boxes..alot of guys SAID they put them in...Yeah..not the case.


    7...Usually bad credit.  But also, salesman putting it into system that way. Can't tell you how many jobs that I go to in which I am supposed to install 2 box(2 ird ka/ku mpeg 4 market).  Customer thought they were getting 4 box Genie install..call OMG..XXX amount of dollars.  Salesman..better world without them ;)  Have ipod and ice cream also for new customers.


    8..The accounts not tied together...using same dish without Band Stop Filter.  Installers are NOT supposed to use another customers dish unless MDU..But..just like I said earlier..there ARE shady techs.


    Hope that helps some.

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    1. I would assume that even "positive" FSR would go against our numbers.  Best NOT to do any FSRs.  nobody cares about "kudos"


    2. We see that, but as user burmufr, customer DO NOT put dogs away, 2 story, big deal.  Best number to reach SHOULD be on the account 


    3. That is up to your FSRs buddies.  We have no control over that


    4. Does not matter.  


    5. We are supposed to take SWAP receivers regardless of OWNED or leased.  If customer makes a big deal, we can leave them behind after the signed a "waiver" or paper stating that they kept the receiver.  Relocates are a big issue when the relocate is to another room that already has a receiver.  if we leave behind, then they get the idea of, hmm I can put the receiver the tech left behind on the "bonus room".  customer calls in saying that they want to install that receiver and the CSR makes an NC rollback (instead of an upgrade like they are supposed to do)and we get back charged.  best to take it


    6. Biggest fraud is when a customer calls in to set up a second account but CSRs build a movers with the following on the the notes.  "second account, please activate under account # 123456789".  WE CAN"T DO THAT 


    7. CSRs or sales people (dealers?) tell the customers, you are getting HR34 and 3 clients, but build  the work order with 4 SD receivers because they did not passed the credit check.  since customers DO NOT see the order they believe what being told.  THIS HAS TO STOP.


    8. IS not supposed to happened. LAZY techs, as we have lazy CSRs.


    End of rant.

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    1. Never see them.  Plus they probably do count against our numbers.  the only FSRs I have against me this month all have to do with customer questions about internet bundling because they felt like they were lied to by the sales person, yet their call counts against me.


    2. I see some, but maybe not all notes.  I like them because it helps me set my route. 


    3. Dunno


    4. I always try and put the right thing, although it doesn't affect us.  However, I've had 3 service calls lately where I literally just had to plug the receivers back into the electrical outlet.  And 2 because the TV was on the wrong input.


    5. Swap/relocate.  Customer thinks you're taking the receiver.  DTV doesn't.  We could either leave the receiver and have the customer re-contact DTV to deactivate and then get a recovery kit.  Which they don't want to do because it's a hassle.  Or call DTV ourselves to deactivate so we can take the box with us.  Which puts us on hold for 20-45 minutes listening to music while we're trying to get the job done and keep moving.  Also requires customer confirming something with DTV that they believe they already confirmed. Or just take the box and let the customer and DTV work it out when they notice it's still on the bill. They need to come up with another action for relocate and leave the box and relocate and take the box.


    6. Don't know of any in our shop.


    7. We install what's on the work order.  If they're trading out on site, needs customer approval.  We're now getting reconditioned HR34s which have a very high failure rate, so maybe techs are trying to protect their SIN7/30/90 rates.  I try to never do order mods because it takes so long on the phone. 


    By the way, we get yelled at a lot too because the customer thought they would be able to record up to 5 shows, saw it on the tv commercial, and that's what they thought they were getting, but the work order has SD receivers or HR24/H25.  So we call order mod and they hit the roof because of the additional costs.  I wish there was a requirement for sales to have either worked in the field, or be held responsible for what they tell the customer we can/will do.  But that's a whole other rant that probably deserves its own thread.


    8. I've never tied dishes together.  Been tempted at an apartment where there is no LOS, and there is an existing dish that's close by that does.  But have never done it.  I've seen it done at RV parks, but never did it myself.

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    is there any way to change the phone number after the job was closed for us as techs                                                                                                                                                                           
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    talking about customer's phone                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
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    Thankyou for the all the feedback, but im seeing a really bad trend because of no communication.


    When a tech puts what he did to fix the issue as resend auth or something like that, we as representatives get a UTR (unnessary truck roll). This is the equivalent of you guys getting a "work not complete" FSR, its huge.

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    Daniel..if you go under customer info ..you can change/add phone numbers and email addresses.



    ooreikaoo...Nothing worse to a tech then an un-necessary *spelling..i have no clue*  truck roll.


    Cause most times.  It is a sin30/sin90 on us or other techs.  And once it is made, no undoing it.


    Our metrics get dinged...and more importantly..so does our paychecks.

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    I understand that, but why ding US because you dont want to spend another 5 min to put in the correct sub area of what fixed the issue?


    I see on these installer forums all the time techs complaining that if we spent 5 more minutes you wouldnt get dinged, its a two way street, dont put "resent auth" as your reason if you changed every cable in the house.

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    1) You want to get us a compliment? Give the customer Zack McGuire’s email address (for MASTEC techs) and Michael White's email for O&O otherwise keep your grimy fingers off the FSR buttons! 


    2) You want to give us helpful notes? How about putting a note on service calls saying "Spanish Programming" or "International programming." Also notes to tech that the account is past due/ suspended would be helpful. I could care less if it is a two story (dish goes on a pole) or if they have dogs (my metal clipboard has already knocked a dog out)


    3) Because to be qualified to be a FRS or CSR person you must have been fired from a burger flipping position!


    4) Well, we could put "Did lazy CSR's job for them" as a resolution code when the customer orders HD programming and YOU send a truck roll to unhide HD channels thereby causing one of MY fellow co-workers a SIN30/90 (see answer # 3)


    5) If I swap a receiver for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER it comes with me back to the warehouse. PERIOD! How long it takes the warehouse person to scan it in is not my problem.


    6) Speaking of CSR fraud, why tell the customer that I will do those 4 wall fishes for free, or that I will be happy to come to their 12 - 4 appointment at 7pm? Don't forget to bring the iPod and Ice Cream!


    7) Same reason you drive a Hyundai and not a Ferrari, credit score. (Like OMG would let me change the OLI receiver types anyway)


    8) Yes I do, however; I always use a BSF and inform the customer. I have done this in areas where the apartment complex has restriction such as "Dish must be on balcony but not attached to building" You see, I get an FSR and $10 chargeback for NLOS, and because the wonderful CSR told the customer that I could put the Ka/Ku dish in a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket, or better yet on a tri-pod. If I don't do this job I get paid nothing and get charged $10 for the FSR

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    I made this thread to create a dialogue between CSR's and Techs as we dont have a means to communicate normally,


    I however did NOT make this thread so you could rant and bash all CSRs.


    Just like there are bad techs and good techs so is true with bad CSRs and good CSRS .


    If you want to help the good ones get the info to help avoid issues like the one your upset about, drop the tude and communicate. As Ive said before in another thread, everything I learn here I pass on , and usually it goes to everyone on our floor, thats a few hundred representatives that are changing how they do this based on what you say.


    Great example ,  techs who call in to activate we usually just tell them to go away and they know we cant activate for them. NOW because of information provided by a nice Tech we understand they simply may not have the right number, and all of our CSRS have the number in their email now for TSC/ISS and the tech IVR.


    However this only happens when we WANT to help each other.

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    Ooreikaoo,  thanks for trying to help.  I apologize on behalf of techs on here that vent their frustrations at you.........


    I personally do not think CSRs are lazy or dumb.  I do believe that they would benefit greatly from having field experience.  I did an install for an ex-CSR that had moved to our city.  He said the only education they gave him was how to be on the phone and gave him a set of scripts to go through.  He had no clue what really happens in the field.


    Sales on the other hand........  I could tell you wild stories about what customers were told, (new technology that can see through buildings, any clear view of the sky it didn't need to be the southern sky, can attach to a roof without drilling holes, don't need a receiver or cable in every room, etc.) .  I even had a customer call his sales rep while I was there, I got the rep on the phone and he was telling me how dumb the customer was and to just install a standard definition receiver and tell him it was high definition, he'd never know......

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    We all hate sales...

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    Couple of things Oor...One..we don't DING you...DTV and their handbook on how things should be handle Ding you...


    I go to a job...receiver has been moved from one room to another..customer..says.."it says  771/775..not sure what the issue is.."


    That should be ird relocate..but then again..customers never lie/don't know what is going on. (should be upgrade)


    Secondly...Creatingly dialogue between techs and csrs? Really?  did you watch Undercover Boss?  No clue..  Boss is a suit.


    Suits care about their bottom line..period..we are just an excuse why they can't make expectations...


    Great example ,  techs who call in to activate we usually just tell them to go away and they know we cant activate for them.



    ONLY time I call dtv to activate is when something is screwed up  by person who setup work order..I get a failed line item that say "child fails to populate" or "-1 display"  that has NOTHING to do with me...has to do with work order setup...(btw...if I activate receiver by calling in..hurts my metric).


    LAST thing any tech wants to do is talk to CSR...seriously.


    Can't tell you how many times I have had to explain to CSR that I am in MPEG 4 market and customer wants HD and CSR needs to take off Mpeg4 marker tag *usually by supervisor* to get that off...and they tell me to reset receiver.



    I don't yell at CSR's..but they when I tell them stuff like that, they act like I am a customer*read moron*.  I spend half hour on phone that is not paying me money cause they do NOT know.  That is DTV issue.  Not mine...not yours...DTV. 


    So you might get our frustration.


    You worry about your metrics?  We worry about ours.  Most of us don't get paid hourly with bonues. Most of us get paid piece work..with a small chance at bonuses.


    *end of rant.

    Ps..you want to help techs...I want to help csrs......But really..unless you are Undercover boss and want to help?  You need boss's boss's boss's help    ;)

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    I disagree whole heartingly , the stuff I learn from peds changes how I do things ON A DAILY BASIS. I constantly comb these forums to learn more about how you guys install, why you install the way you do, so forth.


    GREAT EXAMPLE , for WEEKS we were submitting fsr's for whole hope adapters being used as CCKs because, according to everything we were taught, its WRONG. NO ONE bothered to mention "hey we told techs to start doing it this way" , I had to find out by these forums. Low and behold 4 days after i told the whole floor and they stopped and changed how they resolve network issues when non standard ccks are used, there was a DTV wide announcement on the issue.


    Im not saying we HAVE to share, in fact most csr's or techs could care less and just want to get payed and go home, but there are SOME OF US out there who do care about the customer and having the right solutions and not screwing up.

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