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Refusal to credit for a DirecTV mistake


I found I've been billed for an extra DVR for some time. DirecTV admitted the billing was incorrect, yet insisted they could only credit me one month. 


It's only $6 per month, but when a company admits an error,  they should make the customer whole and provide proper credit.

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    Of course.  You'll need to escalate this by calling or writing DirecTV directly.  We're all customers like you. 

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    How long has this neen going on?  Did you review your bill every month?  To be honest i think that is good to be credited a month.  I know what i am being billed for every month and would certainly notice an extra tv on my bill.    Anyhow you need to escalate to someone else.   You know you can check the number of receivers you have at anytime by logging into your account or looking and seeing how many 6 dollar cjarges you have on the bill.  Every extra box is a 6 dollar fee.