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Genie and a standard receiver


I have 2-Model:HR22-100,1-Model:H25-700,1-Model:HR21-100,!-Model:D12-100 is the equipment I have right now.I'm needing to add one more HD receiver .My question can I replace my equipment with a Genie and still usemyD12-100 for tailgating or will directv not let me do that?

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    Yes you can do that.   When you place the order do it as additional equipment or when they ask what you are replacing you can replace all the rest minus the d12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
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    A SWM dish is capable of handling 8 tuners, and you currently have 8.  If you were to add a Genie, that would be 5 more tuners and that would require a conventional HD LNB assembly and a SWM16 multiswitch.  


    If on the other hand you got rid of all your current boxes except one of the HR22 and the D12 and added 3 C31 Clients and the Genie, (to total 6 TV's) you could use the current dish and wouldn't need the SWM16.


    Note that the monthly fees for either scenario is the same, but the convenience of the system is much greater in the first (SWM16) instance.