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    At least the guy was honest and said the tree was in the way. Last summer I downed prob 20 service calls for no line of sight on the 119 no option for relocate. U just close those jobs even though you tell the customer trees are blocking it and they know it they will call back in and a repeat service call will get set up for sure. the whole system is messed up. It sounds to me from reading on here that you and the other csr on here are doing a good job but most of them are clueless even the supervisors Quote:    Originally Posted by ooreikaoo 

    UGH and now for the all time worst...


    Customer calls 3 years later to tell us "hey the tree grew and we shouldnt have to pay for a relocate cause your tech should know better"


    "Um no"


    "Give me a supervisor"




    SUP "Ok lets add the protection plan and get a tech out there for you" *Service call* !!!


    I told my sup off in email I was so mad

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    I had a guy the other day call in to xhange from his winter dish to his summer dish..   apparently 2 times a year he gets his cables moved from a dish on the ground for winter and then in the summer the cables are rewired to a dish on a tree.  As i look through his account this is indeed the case.   I tried to xharge him a relocation and told him he cannot have a dish on a tree.   Needless to say a supervisor set him with a service call.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
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    My site is closing down DTV, it was fun working with you guys.

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    What?  Oh no reika...sorry to hear.  Boooo
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    Yea, well, thats what happens when you do your job. Were losing the contract to all those guys you hate who lie all the time and send service calls for everything.

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    Well, you can come down to Texas and climb in attics with me this summer :-)

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    Quote:    Originally Posted by ooreikaoo 

    Yea, well, thats what happens when you do your job. Were losing the contract to all those guys you hate who lie all the time and send service calls for everything.

    So..the protection plan people are taking over calls...Nooooo!  :0


    take care Reika

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    Quote:    Originally Posted by proudpapa 


    Well, you can come down to Texas and climb in attics with me this summer :-)


    Did that with my dad as an electrician , NO TY lol (florida)

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    Well bufmufr.   I work for the pp.   We aren't all bad.                                                                                                                                                                                                           
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    Lol...****...there goes that theory..though only 1 of you...2000 more to go ;)

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    Lol you'll love this one, poor dumb wife who didnt realize her husband was committing fraud...


    By customers own words "You guys deactivated one of our recievers for us but we gave u the wrong one and we actually pay for lots of peoples directv and you turned off one of their recievers".


    Mirroring fraud - reported lol

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    I replied to this before the forum change so it got deleted but for this issue you want to contact dispatch (or Tech Modify as of a few weeks ago) before closing any lines out and they can send a SR to FOSS to reassign the job to the correct account number.



    peds48 wrote:


    6. Biggest fraud is when a customer calls in to set up a second account but CSRs build a movers with the following on the the notes.  "second account, please activate under account # 123456789".  WE CAN"T DO THAT


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    Wanted to comment about hooking up MDU when not being a MDU SYSOP. Don't do it, your compny will loose their ability to be a Residential dealer if they got caught.  A few local compnies in our area got caught and are in trouble with Directv. 




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    1. At Mastec you never get compliments. I know for a fact a customer wrote an email to Mastec complimenting me because she added me as a recipient when she sent it. Never heard a thing about it otherwise. Regardless of what Mastec or DTV says I give my phone number and email address to each customer as a way to give them instant access if/when needed... Most customers I see tell me they spent an hour or more on the phone and that is just not good service no matter how you look at it. If they call me I either pick up instantly or call them back within 5 minutes...


    4. At Mastec we get $9 to fix an issue on a service call... They value a Swim 5 lnb at $150, you claim to use one of those on a service call... Your consumables go to 10% for the rest of the quarter... This is a core metric and if you claim it, you are basically setting yourself up for a write up and if you have those useless bubble swim 5's and get 2-3 sin30's because they fail you are even more screwed i.e 103 even's failing for no reason and us being told we don't know how to tune a dish, yet when we install the white faced swim 5's and never touch the dish it passes. (We lose 15 points right off the bat because they also have non cck as a core metric, 15 points is max that you can earn for this metric... As if 80+% of people have a land line these days. So basically at the start of each quarter we are at 85 points...) You can't afford to lose more points. God forbid you have to replace a swim 16 switch on a service call... You are done for.


    5. I have never been able to remove an active receiver from a customers home, You have to choose the access card you are swapping the receiver for which deactivates it. UNLESS a Rep at dtv decides to send a customer receivers in the mail... When that happens I have to call up and have a rep activate them because if I try to do it on my handheld it displays an error saying that receiver is not in my inventory, most times there isn't even a line item for it, they are just listed as pending in the receiver/client list. This results in the rep deactivating all swapped out receivers when I call to activate...

    After reading many fellow techs posts I am starting to see a pattern... This industry is just one big **** against the techs... Blamed for everything, paid as little as possible and the reason is because they can... They know there are thousands of unemployed people out there lined up to take out jobs... They do not care about the customer, just their money, and if they have to give some freebies it ends up coming out of our pocket...


    @ spionnadhI probably should have just cut and pasted your answers. They were spot on...

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