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Error code 775 & Power Inverter location


HR34/700 - Main Room, 2 reg. HD DVRs in bedrooms, and 1 HD rcvr in a camper. Whole house dvr programming is not activated.


This morning I was watching my Directv without a problem. Turned TV off to clean house, turned directv on at 6pm and have error code 775. Did the usual look up on tech boards for information on how to fix. My PI is located in a bedroom, so I checked and the light is green. So I unplugged all the DVRs and receivers, unplugged the PI, waited about a minute, plugged the PI back in and then went to the living room and plugged in the genie. Waited for boot up and error 775 appeared again. Checked all connectors inside and out of the house all seem fine. So I then went back into the house and moved the PI to the back bedroom and redid the whole procedure again, still, code 775.


Does it matter what room the power inverter is in? If I moved it from one cable to the back room cable, do I have to switch a cable outside on the SwM to match where the PI is now? Or doesn't it make a difference where it's located as long as the cables are plugged in snuggly and powered?


I do have an appt set up for Monday afternoon, but I thought, if I could avoid paying the service charge, I try to fix it myself.