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Program RC71 remote to TV


I searched for hours on how to correctly program this remote to work with my TV and after messing around with it in frustration I found the correct way to program it to your TV. First, have your Genie Mini receiver connected and powered on. Next, grab your RC71 remote and simultaneously hold the "MUTE" + "ENTER" buttons until you see a box appear on your TV screen that says "Applying IR/RF Setup. Please Wait" (this appears after about 5 seconds of holding those buttons). Once complete another dialog box will appear and read, "Your remote is now setup for RF." Click "SELECT" to exit that screen. Next, click the "MENU" button, scroll down to "Settings & Help", then click on "Settings", scroll down to and click on "Remote Control", then click "Program Remote". Next you will have two options, either "Program TV" or "Program Audio Device". Click "Program TV", this takes you to a screen where you need to select what BRAND your TV is. After you have selected your TV brand you will have to select the TV Model ( I recommend looking at the sticker on the back of your TV for the accurate Model number or using your current TV remote to find the model number from the menu screen on your TV for fastest and best results). Once the correct model number is selected, AIM your RC71 remote at the TV and it will AUTOMATICALLY program!


This is the easiest, fastest and only correct way I have seen throughout the internet and support forums!


Your welcome lol

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    No one in tech support knows how to program this new remote.  I talked to 4 different people, including the tech who installed the equipment.  All said it couldn't be done.  Thank you very much!  It worked on all 6 of my TVs. 

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    I have done everything you listed to the tee. And still no TV Volume. When holding the mute and enter, the RC 71 light just flashes green, then red. Then the remote doesn't work. So then NO REMOTE works and have to use the receiver buttons.

    I am not used to being the one pleading for help..lol

    You would think some kind of directions, ANY KIND OF DIRECTIONS, would be great.

    Guess I'll keep looking.

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    but which Genie?

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    So I tried your instruction and when I do the first set of MUTE+SELECT, I get a message that the button hasn't been set up and if I want to program.  I select to program, and I get caught in this loop of MUTE+SELECT, Enter code 961, and then channel down.  I can never get into the menu that allows me to select to program for a TV and my brand of TV.  I called tech support and they had no clue.  Any ideas?

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      I have the same problem. I stuck in a loop between if you want to setup RF and instruction how to do it. Nothing gives me how to program the remote to my TV.

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        Best to start your own new thread using the "Create New Post" button on the main forum page. Your problem may very well be different from the original poster's. With a new thread you can provide more information about your equipment (model numbers), location, and troubleshooting you've tried so far. And this forum software makes it difficult to track or respond to folks that add onto someone else's thread. Thank you.

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      I just fixed that exact issue with my remote.  (I pointed my remote away from my TV/GENIE to avoid the message that the button hasn't been set up)  Press and hold the MUTE+SELECT until the green light flashes twice.  Then press 9,8,7 to reset the remote to IR.  The light will turn red for a second to show it has successfully reset to IR.  (Keep the remote pointed away from the TV/GENIE to avoid message)  Now, press and hold MUTE+ENTER and hold down for 10 seconds.  You should get a message on the TV telling you that it has reset to RF.  From here you should be able to select a box to program TV.


      The people at DirecTV even told me that the instructions aren't even very clear to them on fixing this issue.  I was lucky enough to speak to someone who has been through it before.    Good luck!

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    OH my gosh! I am so glad I found your post. I was about to throw this dang remote through the window. I don't know why the dang info channel does not tell you this. THANK YOU!!

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    Hi Randy,

    In order for that to work wouldn't the Genie and the receiver have to be in the IR mode? Unfortunately the Genie can not be switched to IR. and my Onkyo is not RF capable. I finally had a technician to program the Genie so that the volume control would talk to my Onkyo. However it still won't allow me to turn the receiver on/off. BTW, when I asked how he accessed the various receiver model he refused to divulge his secret saying that if he did I would probably mess it up and he would have to return!! ;-(

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    After trying to do what what the info on the screen said, I wanted to throw the dumb remote (RC71) out!  We have 2 TV's in our living room. One controlled by the main receiver (HR44) and the other controlled by the Genie Mini (C41). When we changed a channel, volume, etc on one the other changed too! I couldn't control the volume or power on the 2nd TV without going back to the remote that came with the TV!


    Your solution worked the first time! Now all 3 TV's can be controlled by the Direct remote and we don't need any other remotes to turn on the TV or change the volume! And all 3 remotes operate on different frequencies.

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    Thank you so much for your help with this...  Before finding your instructions, I also looked for hours and called support to no avail!!  Using your instructions the problem was solved in seconds.  Thank you!!

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    Thanx, that was easy.

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    Here's some more information if you have a Samsung TV. Be sure to turn off "Anynet+ and Instant On." They can be found in the TV menu>settings>general. If you don't turn them off, the genie won't work correctly.

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    Then if RF doesn't work for some reason, can I switch back to IR using the same procedure??