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Why are half my menus in Spanish (when I have language set to English)?


We just had our DirecTV installed yesterday, and the installer was even confused...he said he'd seen it recently but had no solution.


When I go to Menu, I get nice English options (Info & Test, Display, Audio, etc.) and then the 2nd tier menus are in English as well (e.g. Display>[Preferences, Video, TV Ratio, etc.]) but if I select a 2nd tier item, I get a 3rd tier in Spanish (except for Preferences for some reason, but I wanted to alter the TV Ratio and Resolutions...both are in Spanish) and the 2nd tier on the side turns into Spanish until I go back 1 tier.


I have my language set to English, and even tried switching it to Spanish and back. I have just a receiver in my room (C41-100) but I'd think that language settings are independent from the main box. I have unplugged and turned off and on and all that. No changes.


Any ideas? I'm not terrible with Spanish, but I'm also seeing some of my error messages in Spanish and I'd like to know what's actually wrong without having to do a translation online...