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Pixelation on local NBC Channel


I'm having some issues over the last couple of weeks with pixelation issues on my local NBC affiliate (WPSD TV 6) during prime time TV.  The issues shows up on live TV and in recordings.  It is random, and varies between frozen screen and audio, to just frozen/jumpy screen while the audio continues.  Sometimes it is not too bad, other times it makes programs pretty much un-watchable. 


So far I have only noticed this on the local NBC channel, any recordings I make at the same time off of national feeds do not exhibit this behavior.  This is during completely clear weather.  All satellite transponders show signal strength levels in the 90's.  Since this only shows up on local channels, I do not believe that it is a hard drive issue on the unit.


I have not noticed this behavior on our second DVR (HR24-100), only on our primary DVR (Genie HR34-700). 


Any other people our here having similar issues lately?  Or any ideas from DirecTV Tech support?

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    A number of posts about problems with NBC locals and the HR34. I believe DirecTV is investigating these. Other than replacing the HR34 with an HR44, there's no current solution

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    We live in northern NJ and have been having the same issue for the past week or so.  We just got off the phone with Direct TV tech support and were told that they have not heard of this issue.  It seems to be specific to NBC Nightly News for us.  Seems that we are not alone.  We also have a HR34,

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    As I posted, this problem is "real" although very obscure. There are certainly people at DirecTV who know about it, even though it's highly likely the CSRs don't.  Nothing you can do about this, I'll check to see if there is any resolution yet.
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    Problem on NBC again this evening.  Do you think it could be a signal

    problem from NBC.....not just a DirectTV issue?



    On Sun, Jul 21, 2013 at 9:20 PM, texasbrit <directv-admin@forums.directv.com

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    Since it's only NBC, there's obviously something different about the signal. But it also happens only on the HR34, so that might be at fault also.

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    it seems like its a engineering issue that I'm sure DTV is working to fix. If its just one channel, and multiple people having the same exact issue with the same exact channel then that would most likely point to engineering issue. DTV may not have it as a posted caddie yet because you are the first reporters. It takes a certain volume of the same exact issue being reported before they will dispatch a hit squad to take out the issue. IN Florida we had the same problem with WRBW-65 for about 2 weeks. I couldn't watch my "always sunny in Philadelphia" re-runs because of constant pixilation and freeze framing. But now all is squared away!

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    We're having the same problem for the past couple of weeks with NBC & I'm glad that I'm not the only one.  I have HR-34 receiver.  I made sure to report our problem too.  We're in MD.

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    I'm having the same problem with 2 different HR34's in 2 different locations in Upstate SC.

    Looking forward to following this thread and seeing any developments.

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    I posted something about this problem several weeks ago. For me it usually occurs on NBC during the news, but I have seen it at other times and occasionally on a couple of other channels. It seems that it occurs either not at all or many times during a recorded show. It rarely only occurs once or twice during any given show.


    DTV also told me they have never heard of this. I doubt they will do anything until they get complaints from a lot more people. I now record a few shows also on my HR21 in case the Genie recording is unwatchable.

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    YES most likely when 1 local is affected most likey freeze frame pixils or video no audio type issues  it turns out to be broadcasting issues that DTV can not control and sending tech or replacenments never premitted in these cases, if local issues we will have your area and all issues that occur in your area that may affect the programing and advised of the issue we never get esimates on resoultions but we can tell you if it is an issue simply by calling ---First couple customers that call we send info to esclations teams they verify on there end by pulling your locals and reply back to Tech support if trully an issue .Always call 1800 531 5000 if you run into situations like this!

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    There are some things about this probalem that I just don't understand. First, why is it seen only on Genie's. If it is a broadcasting issue, why does it not affect other DVRs as well? Second, I always thought that live tv was actually a recording in real time. But it seems that live tv is never affected by this problem.


    Could someone please explain how this can be? Thanks.

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    From my understanding of these sorts of issues, the Genie uses a different MPEG video decoding chipset (from Broadcomm) than the other HD DVRs, so that might have something to do with only seeing this issue on the Genies.


    And "Live TV" is processed somewhat differently than recordings with respect to the hard drive-based recording buffer.  

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    We have a similar problem with a Genie HR34-700 which was installed in early August and the pixelization problem started almost immediately. It seems to be limited to the local NBC channel and is worst during the Today Show when the they do the scenes in the plaza.  DTV support has been stonewalling on the problem - we've been through the standard reset, power off routine with several reps.  They payed lip service to elevating the problem to team that would contact the local station - no action there after 72 hours.  Then they tried to sell us a service contract.  That put us over the edge and on 2 Sep they are sending a tech out on a "courtesy visit".  I'm beginning to rue the day I agreed to upgrade to the Genie

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    Here are a couple great examples. Genie HR-34 (I've had 2, same thing). 


    DIrecTV Pixelation on NBC - YouTube

    DIrecTV Genie Pixelation on NBC 2 - YouTube

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