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DVR Randomly Deleting Programs


Hey Guys, I am having a problem with my DVR randomly deleting programs.  I was watching recorded programs yesterday.  Before I watched a particular program I noticed that I had many things on my DVR.  After a 30 minute episode of recorded material was watched (which happened to be the last of that series) I was going to watch a new show and the entire folder was gone.  I also noticed that about 5 different show (entire folders) had been deleted.  I looked in the settings and it said that it had been deleted by user, thought I did not delete them.  Also, I have it set up to record new shows, keep till I delete, and all that.  This is the second time this has happened.  The first time I did not think much of it but now I am a bit concerned.


I have a HR24-500 DVR.  We only have one DVR, one Remote and one TV so no one else could have done it from another room either.