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How do I fix On Demand that is ridiculously slow?


My on demand has always been ridiculously slow to the point I don't even waste the electricity to turn on the Cinema Connection Kit.  I tried again today for a test.  I first ran a speed test on my laptop near the Connection Kit.  I get 7 Mbps download and 1.7 Mbps upload from a NetGear wireless G router.  I tried a wireless N and it made no difference so I took it back.  I tried to view a 49 minute show and got a message that I need at least 1.37 Mbps and was only getting 0.27 Mbps.  The message also said I should record and view later.  So I did and the download time was to be over three hours, so I cancelled.


Can anyone tell me how to fix this, or is it just the way it is?