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Conflict between HD receiver software and Sonos


I had posted about this problem earlier (H21-200 freezes after new software download), but as the problem has evolved, it was requested that I start a new thread about just my issue as it is understood now.


Here is my setup:

I have 3 HD DVRs (2 HR20s, 1 HR21) and 1 HD receiver (H23) all on an Ethernet at my home.  The Ethernet is behind a router that is connected to my Verizon Fios service.  I have had this setup for several years, and it has worked well.  All of the IP addresses for the DirecTV boxes are assigned staticly. 


When the new 0x04736 software was downloaded to my receiver, the receiver froze shortly after rebooting.  I noted that the similar 0x0736 software had downloaded to my DVRs a few days earlier with no problems.  In troubleshooting this problem, DirecTV thought that my old receiver (an H21 at that time) might have failed.  They sent me an H23 to replace it.  When the receiver was installed, it did not have the 0x4736 software installed yet.  It worked fine.  When the 0x4736 automatically downloaded overnight, the receiver froze again.


I tried many things (redownloading the receiver software, rebooting, etc.), but every time the receiver would boot up, within a minute or slow start to respond more and more slowly, and then eventually freeze.  In a response to my earlier post on this issue, someone suggested that DirecTV support had told them that there was a problem with an interaction with Sonos with this new software version.


I also have a Sonos system at my house.  In fact, in the room where the H23 is, I use Sonos to listen to the audio from DirecTV.  I can't listen to DirecTV without Sonos working.  I was able to confirm that the interaction with Sonos was the problem as follows:


I turned off the Sonos system and rebooted the H23 receiver.  The receiver came up fine and worked for a long time without problem.  I then turned on the Sonos system, and within one minute the H23 receiver began to respond very slowly to any remote control or front panel button.  Within another minute, it had completely frozen.  I repeated this a couple of times, confirming that once the Sonos player was turned on, the receiver froze.  Note that I have had Sonos and an HD receiver on the same network for more than one year prior to the release of 0x4736 without incident. 


Today DirecTV confirmed to me that there is a software problem.  From their email to me:

Your information has been escalated to our engineering team for review, and we have confirmed that there is a known issue with certain Sonos equipment. Our engineering team is aware of the problem and working to implement a resolution. Please note that software updates are automatic, as they include service improvements as well as updates to software and industry standards. As such, we cannot roll back to a previous software version. We will continue to work with Sonos to get to the bottom of the issue and restore full functionality.

There may not be much else to do now other than wait for updated software.  If anyone has any suggested workarounds, I'd be happy to try them.