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Recording on one DVR from another DVR


I have the Whole Home service (NOT Genie) with an HD-DVR in each of 2 rooms. I would like to schedule a recording on the DVR in room #2 from the DVR in room #1. I thought I read that when selecting a show to record, the screen provided the option of which DVR could be used to record the show, but neither of my DVRs give me this choice. Is such an option not available on the Whole Home service? If it is, how do I access it?

Thanks for any help...

- Bill1914

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    No, you can't set up recordings on one DVR from the other. If the second box was  a receiver you could do this but not between DVRs.  It's a much-requested feature that DirecTv has not implemented.

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    Yup, only HD receivers can specify which HDDVR to record. You can however you the guide on  the DirecTV website on use the app on your smartphone to schedule recordings remotely

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    I also have the Whole Home service and 2 DVRs and what you're describing isn't an option ... you have to go to the DVR in room #2 to record on that DVR.  That said, I have the DirecTV app loaded on my iPad and when I go to the Guide I can easily set programs to record AND I can select either of my DVRs for each recording.   (If you have an iPad I highly recommend DTV's app ... it's got a lot of functionality and it's free.)