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New installation (with Genie server and 4 clients), and I've already had to reset the server twice in 4 days


As of this past Monday afternoon, we switched from Time Warner Cable to DirecTV, with a Genie server in the living room, and 4 Genie clients in other rooms.


Already, I've had to reset the server twice.


The first time, the clients refused to respond to their remotes, and displayed either random programming, random menus, or blank screens, and the picture (but not the sound) on the server TV froze until I reset the server. Resetting the clients had little effect, and no usable effect.


Tonight, the server continued in normal operation, but the clients displayed blank screens, and once again refused to respond to their remotes (or the front-panel power button), and again, resetting them had no effect. When I reset the server, one of the two clients active at the time displayed a channel information frame over a blank screen, before going to a "searching for servers" screen; the other went directly to the searching screen.


Both occasions were between 7:00 and 7:30 PM, PDT.


I've entered substantially the same information on the troubleshooting email contact form.


Somebody please help?