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GenieGo cannot find Genie



I am having problems setting up GenieGo.  I have the GenieGo connected directly to my Motorola 3347 wireless modem and I get an amber status and blue network lights.


I have checked and my Genie and my other HD-DVR are connected and SWIM is working.


I have tried to re-boot the GENIEGo and nothing seems to work

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    How exactly is the GenieGo connected to your modem?

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    The fact that the GenieGo has an amber light means that the gateway is blocking it access to the web

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    GenieGo cannot find Genie HR 44 DVR and the other 2 HR-24 DVRs on my Wholehome network !  Actually.

    Constant Orange status light !!   (Most of the time )  !!  With a D-Link DIR 825 Route.


    I have same problem. I have been on the GenieGo tech support line for two
    days now. The first contact tech support persons seem to know nothing to very little
    about the Genie Go. So ask for the GenieGo tech support team if you call in for

    But so far we have made little progress.  Most of the time they think
    its router settings and port blockage problems.  BUT I have tried to open
    the ports etc. and no change.


    What's strange is that twice – ( ONLY TWICE so far,  mind you !) ,  after I
    reset the GenieGo many times that   the status light came back on blue and
    then stayed blue long enough for me to get the application started, and it
    found all 3 of my HD DVR's, showed all my dozens of recordings, and even
    streamed to my iPhone ...ALL for about 5 minutes, and then it all
    disappeared.  This has happened twice out of maybe 10 resets.


    I've learned that after I reset MY  GenieGo , if I then reset the DVR(s) - (Red Button on front) that they will connect and the all App functions will work for a short time.


    The GenieGo Tech talked to the "Engineers",  He said that  they say the orange lite actually
    means (maybe) that the DVRs cannot be found.


    I think that after a reset and then a DVR reset,  since
    everything worked at least twice for   5 minutes to 30 minutes, and then stopped, that its not entirely anything
    to do with my router, or any "Closed " ports that need open, etc., but some
    other reason that the GenieGo cannot see (or connect to) the DVR's  (Reliably anyway) .

    So after several hours again on the phone today with "GenieGO"
    special tech support did we send the error log to the "Engineers" who
    are supposed to find and review it to see if they can figure out what it

    My tech  contact person (Caesar - Nice Guy however !  and really trying hard to help me) however says they have solved many same problems by adjusting the route settings "i.e. "opening" some required ports.  But I
    think there is more to My / Our problem, since my GenieGO worked for a few
    minutes twice , with no change to the router, but then quite, and will not come
    back and access my DVR's.  Basically  similar  your problem:


    In the "System info" screen of the App under the
    "Help" icon you can see that it is "looking for my
    DVR's"  ...spinning away finding nothing.


    I would suggest you call the GenieGo Tech Support team, and get started with
    them. I also just received my GenieGo on August 27th, 2013 probably same time
    as you got yours.  . When I plugged it in for the first time it immediately started to download the "new Software"  .(Like
    the install manual said it might do) . Maybe the new software has a problem?

    Looks like many are having the same problem. Maybe time for you to call GenieGo Tech support team also.  so they know its more than a few having a problem.  FYI - I have a D-link N dual band router: DIR 825 (Fairly modern one - just one year old)


    P.  King, Arvada CO


    UPDATE: 9-1-2013 1:00AM After being on the phone with GoGenie Tech Support most of the day on Friday they gave up, and said they would call me  Monday after the :Engineers: reviewed the logs sent by me from the send los function in the GenieGo app.


    But I keep experimenting  .. (Although I have much other more important work to do before I travel out of the country on Tuesday 3 SEP. I.e. I have wasted a lot of time with this GenieGO product !!).


    Tonight I replaced My (New) D-Link Router DIR 825 with an old Belkin  N600  router that I bought at a thrift store for $4.00.  When I first turned it on the status light on the GeneGo remained orange.  Then I reset the GenieGo, not expecting much, but it finally finished booting up, and the status light turned and remained blue.  So I rushed up to my PC's and started the GenieGO app.   Nothing - It could not see any of my 3 HD DVR's.  Then I reset the Genie HR 44 DRR and it appeared in the GenieGo app, with all my programs.  But My other 2 HR -24 HD DVR's did not appear.  So I reset one of them and it appeared in the GenieGo app.  Then I reset the other one and it appeared.  Now the GenieGo app could see all 3 of my DVR's.  I did not expect the DVRs  to stay connected very long, because I could get the D-Link to connect for a few minutes after a DVR reset. (And YES the ports 8082 and 8083 were set to "open" on the D-link 825), but then in 30 minutes or so it would drop off and I could see no recordings listed again.


      When you open the settings icon in the GeniGo app, after it shows you the names of the DVRs you have connected, down at the bottom of the open window it Begins to run a  a test of your outside connectivity (Unless its already connected and working - it will tell you that).  When it comes back and says your outside the home connectivity is NOT working , it offers an option to "SETUP you Router for outside connectivity". I ran the setup and in seconds it came back and said my router ( The old Belken) was set up and now connected and working for outside the home connectivity.


    I then " Prepared " some shows for download, and then downloaded them to my PC.


    Then I checked the GenieGO app on my iphone and all recordings on all three DVR's were showing and I could stream any show (recording).   Then I tested "outside the home streaming by connecting my iPhone to a neighbors open WiFi signal, and steamed a show for a few minutes.  It worked also.

    Bottom line:  All GenieGO functions  are now working with an old , Beikin N600 Version router Model F7D8301 Version 1, (with the latest firmware)  substituted for my D-Link DIR 825, and so far the router seems to be staying connected and the DVRs to the router connected. Its been about 3 hours now.


    Actually after GenieGo Tech support gave up for a while , On my own on Friday night  I was able to do everything with the Genie Go application when  connected to My D-Link 825  , but only for a few minutes , after I discovered that if I reset one, or all my DVRs, that they would connect to the GenieGO, And the GenieGo Harware Status light would turn BLUE,   long enough to try out all the features and functions of the software App, and then the whole system would stop working when the Genie Go status light turned orange.  Some times I could get it back on BLUE, by resetting my DVR(S).  However sometimes they would not reconnect, and sometimes they would...but then just disconnect again  within a half hour or so.


    Anyway I will leave the Belkin hooked up over night to see if Genie Go system  still working in the morning.  Looks like it might.


    BUT  I really want my D-link back in my system as my router and for it to work with the GenieGO hardware.  So I await the call from the GenieGO Tech Support people on Monday.  I may not bother telling them what I discovered on my own, and push them to find out why GenieGO does not work with all my other Router. D-Link 825, anyway . !!


    More later if things work out.

    PPK Arvada Colorado.

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      Your lengthy post totally drowned out the original poster to this thread who was troubleshooting their system.  It may have been better if you started your own thread.

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        Whatever! Just trying to help. Especially Since I am making progress with the EXACT SAME PROBLEM, and the original poster seems to be getting nowhere.  So if he reads my post he might have some new directions to follow. OK?


        via iPhone.

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          So, I cut my vacation short to meet with a DirecTV tech today.  He gets here and says he has never dealt with a GenieGo before.  As you can imagine I got a little testy and things went downhill.  After 2.5 hours and a few calls he finally said that his "contact" said they are not supposed to do any service calls on the GenieGo because of network settings and that I was on my own.


          Lovely...  a truly huge ***** session about to unload on Directv support.  Still no GenieGo

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      Other than the router brand I have the exact same problems with this junk piece of equipment. Mine will sometimes work for two days before I get the orange light. It will not connect regardless of how many times I reset everything in the house. The GenieGo box always runs extremely hot regardless of where I put it.

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    To be fair to the tech, he was correct.  DirecTV is not supposed to roll a truck for GenieGo issues.  All they can so is make sure that the DirecTV equipment is properly connected to the Internet

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      After you make sure your DVR is set for : to "allow outside access" '  and set to share your DVR "list" with "all" have you  tried to just reset your HD DVR ??   And then if the status light does not turn Blue after the DVR reset  try one more time to reset the GenieGo.  If that does not do it then its probably a combination of your / our  Routers and or the GenieGo new software.  GenieGo tech support is supposed to call me on Monday with a report after the " engineers" review the logs sent to them from my GenieGo software. 


      While your waiting you just might try a different router (no a D- link or same brand as yours) just to see if it helps or gets you running while the " GenieGo" engineers sort out the problems.  Mine iGenieGo system now working with the old used Belkin N600 router I bought for $4.  But I want the system to work with my new D-link DIR 825 as soon as possible.



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        are you using the built in wireless on your HR44 to connect to your router? I have a dlink dir-632 router and I find my wireless connection is not stable. It seems to drop on me every few minutes and then reconnects. Like you, I really want to stick with this router (it has 8 ports, and I need every one) but I am starting to wonder if there is a general wireless problem with dlink

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          I am not using the wireless feature of the HR 44. My Internet connection to my DirectTV whole home network  is via a hard wired DIRECTV DECA plugged directly into the same router as my GenieGo is connected to. ( Directv  now has  some new names for the DECA  and new equipment to hook up a wired connection, but still the same function)


          I prefer to use wired network connections for all my home entertainment products if at all possible, including 3 Smart TVs and 4 BluRay players.


          Since my walkout basement is still unfinished after 16 years I have managed to wire every room in the house above with multiple cat5 e and cat 6 cables to every room in the house.


          From my recent  experience with Directv, You can still get the equipment from Directv to connect your whole home network via a direct wired connection, even though they seem to be advertising and pushing only the wireless connection devices. You just need to know what you want / need and insist that they understand and provide the equipment for a wired connection.  All you need is for any coax cable carrying the  Directv signal to be near your router, or a way to bring a cat 5 cable from your router to where the cable is to make a connection. Either way works.  Sorry if I am just stating the obvious, but maybe some readers are not aware of the benefits of a hard wired Internet connection to their Directv network or how easily it can be installed. 


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          Ps. Need more ports?  So as to hook to DirectTV via wired connection etc. you can always add a 5 or 8 port Ethernet switch to the router and pick up 4 to 7 extra ports. I have been using 5 and 8 port Trendnet gigabit switches with no problems. And they are very economical to purchase.


          Even now if I move my GenieGo to a connection on the Trendnet switch, it works just as well as when it's connected to the router. ( my temporary one - that works with the GenieGo) ( an old Belkin N600 dual band).


            But for now  I'm leaving the GenieGo connected to the router port per Directv installation instructions while we troubleshoot the connection problems with my D-link DIR 825 router. 



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    I give up.  Not working.  no support from Directv.  waste of my money.