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Network connection not working


My home wifi changed, so I had to connect a new network to my receiver. Now OnDemand isn't working. When I try to download a show, it tells me the network isn't properly connected and when I run diagnostics, it looks for a phone line. I don't have a phone line, just an internet connection. OnDemand worked before my wifi network changed.

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    try holding the reset button on the back of the CCK-W for 30 seconds.  then on your HDDVR press


    MENU SETTINGS & HELP SETTINGS NETWORK SET UP RESTORE DEFAULTS CONNECT NOW GET CONNECTED WIRELESS.  the receiver will then scan for Wi-Fi networks and should d find yours.  once it finds your SSID, select your network name.  if your network is secured, it will ask you to type in your password.  if successful, you will get a message that says "congratulations, your receiver is connected to the internet"  Note that your SSID and/or password cannot have any spaces and/or special characters