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Internet not working


I have an HR44/200 receiver.  Because there are only two cable jacks in my entire home my directv receiver is downstairs and my modem and router are upstairs.  I was able to connect my genie box wireless for awhile, but it recently stopped working.  The wireless internet connection is still working on my computer, play station and phone, so I'm not really sure why it has stopped working on the receiver.  I called technical support who gave me a whole bunch of silly suggestions like, "try putting in your wireless password in all caps....".  Obvioiusly, that did not work. I have tried testing the connection and repeating the connection set up to no avail.  Any other suggestions? I want to be able to watch my on demand show!

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    when you say stopped working, what happened? like did you go to download a VOD and it just stayed at pending?

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      When I try to watch a VOD it takes a long time trying to load, and then says that there is an error with the network connection and gives me the option to test the network connection.  When I did that the connection test failed, and it told me to call DirectTV. They were unable to correct the problem, but the person that I spoke to didn't even know that you needed an internet connection for VOD....

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    On the HR44 try this:  Menu -> Settings and Help -> Settings -> Network Setup -> Repeat Network Setup.


    As a side note I do not like wireless connections for Directv and I went to considerable bother to hard wire my entire house and I urge others to do the same.

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    What is your download speed?


    Go to speedtest.net and post back

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      i am experiencing the same issues.. Ping 78 ms....download speed is 1.74 Mbps upload is 1.13 Mbps...I have reset router, reauthorized my equipment and have a good Internet connection with laptop.  On a call with DirectTV now...so far only question they are asking is what brand TV do I have.  If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it.  I have had DirectTV since Wednesday

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    Couple thoughts:

    - Since the receiver and wireless router are on different floors, how is the signal strength at the receiver?

    - Is you SSID showing up in the list? I'm assuming it is and the signal strength is good so...

    Just as a test, I would make the wireless network open, meaning removing all security and make sure the SSID is set to broadcast. Power cycle the receiver (by unpluging it) and got through the wireless network setup again. Let me know if this works. If it does, then add the wireless security settings back in to the router and run the setup again.