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Connected to Internet: No w/ a Genie HD DVR


I just got a Genie HD DVR Model: HR44-500 w/ a few minis. When I go to "My Equipment" @ DirectTV.com there is a status of "No" for "Connected to Internet". However, I can load TV Apps on the HR44 and get "current" content. Also, I can stream from the internet using YouTube w/o an issue. Lastly, I'm unable to connect to my HR44 using DirectTV App on iPad and Android.

Network Details:

I have a DHCP Reservation ( for the HR44, which is active. I'm able to ping the HR44 from my MACBook. The Android Phone, MACBook and iPad are all on the same WiFi network. I have allowed all ports and protocols through my firewall for the HR44. I have adjusted "External Device Settings" to "Allow" access, programs and recordings.

Phase 2:

I have removed the firewall from the equation and put my Netgear WNR2000v2 ((V1.2.0.6_36.0.58) Latest Version) directly on the internet, created a new DHCP Scope for devices mentioned above. I also enabled uPnP and looked for sessions (port requests) from the HR44, which there were none. Removed any security setting and was still unsuccessful in connecting via the many clients listed above to the HR44.

Also, I have removed the app, restarted the phones and iPad and reinstalled in all configurations mentioned above.

Why won't this work?