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How to add...?


I don't usually fool with "apps", but recently got Amazon Prime and they have live streaming available thru the 'net to appropriate equipment. With this "new" app update, I cannot figure out how to add this Amazon app. It seems there are only 5 things in the app screen and they are not changeable. Much earlier, I was able to add Youtube and Pandora but see no way to add anything new...


Help would be great!







Well, I find that I can get this by BYPASSING DTV's apps and going straight to my TV's apps with it. Thanks, DTV, for messing up a good thing...




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    There is no way to add your own TV Apps.  You only get whatever DirecTV chooses to provide.  Email them directly if you want to request an Amazon App, but don't hold your breath.  They likely view Amazon Prime as competition.

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      Yup, of course.  neither Netflix or Amazon, or for that matter any app that have access to movies will get on DirecTV.  DirecTV wants its customers to buy THEIR movies.

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    Much to my chagrin they've changed the app screen. I used to have Baltimore Orioles and Va Tech listed on my apps page. When I'd clicked on them it would tell me when they played and even what channel it was on. But even before there was only a select few apps you could use.

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    was wondering how to load yahoo fantasy football  tv app,  it only lets me load the nfl.com tv




                          appreciate any help

                                      Thanks jim