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[BUG] DTV2PC (build 7507) DisplayPort not recognized as valid connector


I am running (well, attempting to run) DTV2PC on an otherwise capable system but the playback stops after a few seconds with an error message indicating that the connection to the displays are not recognized. The Playback Advisor indicates that it is unable to detect HDCP. Both of these are untrue --- all [three] displays are connected via DisplayPort and do have valid HDCP via this connection. DTV2PC should recognize the EDID and availability of HDCP on these displays (WQHD). No KVM or switcher (direct connection from GPU to monitors)


Config:   Asus Z9PE, 2xXeon E5-2630, 64GiB DDR3, 3xGTX770 (16x), Windows 7 amd64_fre EN_US (updated with SP)


Is there a "better" place (e.g. Cyberlink?) to report a bug like this?