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Genie and Genie Go installed, but now no Internet connection!


Internet worked before - I had VOD and Youtube and all that stuff. Now it says no connection. I have a DECA connected, but Directv tells me I need to buy yet another piece of equipment - a Cinema Connection Kit - before the Genie Go will work. Another $99 is not making me happy. Do I really need this for my Genie to work? If so, wish they would have told me about the cost BEFORE I got all this other stuff. I was hesitant about the cost before, and now am looking at another $99 just to make this stuff work? And in the meantime, I have no VOD or connection like I did before. NOT HAPPY. Wondering if there is any way to fix this without a third service call this week. Anyone have ideas? Seems like I should be able to access the internet and VOD stuff like before, so perhaps it is just a setting that did not get set right? Please help!