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Client Loosing connection to mai receiver



I have a receiver HR-34/700. The client start loosing connection to the receiver every second day. Client reboot doesn't help. Only rebooting the main receiver restoring the connection for next two days. Then, I have to reboot it again. Directv technician replaced client-didn't help. Another technician checked wiring and disconnected internet. Same as before, I keep rebooting main receiver every second day.

Directv has not replaced main receiver so far. What else can be don to fix the problem? Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Yes seems to be software issue most genie customer are getting this error of blue,black,grey,and white screens or no servers detected messages and the only thing to resolve is resetting the genie itself all other test do nothing engineers are to be resolveing with software update here soon if not already released but this is nation wide issue

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    Not sure where the other responder is getting their info, but many folks are running HR34 Genie and C31 Clients with no problems whatever.  This is not a "national issue" as if it were one, you'd see hundreds if not thousands of folks posting the problem here.


    Is your Genie connected to your router?  If so, the Genie and all the other receivers/DVRs and clients on your system get their IP configurations from your router.  A bad router or some settings in the router can cause dropped connections.  A test for the "router caused" problem would be to disconnect the router from the Whole Home system and do a "disconnect AC power" reset of all the boxes in your system.


    Before you do that however, try this.  Do a red button reset on the Genie, while it's booting up, do a red button reset of all the Clients.  While the Genie is booting, the Clients will exhibit "can't find server" but when the Genie completes, the Clients should connect.  This will give all the boxes a fresh configuration.