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GenieGO keeps resetting ip address and ports


Sometimes it happens within seconds if I just close the GenieGo system info window and then reopen it without doing anything else. Mostly it happens after I gather the ip address and ports and using Airport Utility edit my time capsule to update the information. AFter the updating process I often get "an error occurred while updating the configuration". Sometimes I have to reboot the Time capsule to get it to work and that reboots the GenieGO and  changes the settings but often the update seems to work but when I check the system info again, the ip address and/or the ports are different.


IS there a way to set a static ip address?


I think the GenieGo is bad. I have had it set up for "out of home" successfully twice. The first time I went out of town and it did not work. Even worse the 15 hours of programs that I downloaded to my ipad disappeared in less than 2 weeks before I even watched one program .

The second time was today after 45 minutes on the phone with tech support, it finally tested successfully  on the macbook pro and the macbook air but the ipad showed that "out of home" was not set up. So I rebooted everything and tried again only to find the ip address and ports changing by the minute.


Finally today after spending 1 1/2 hours on the phone with the a directv tech I had had enough and told them to send me another unit or I quit. They are sending out a tech with a new unit and I hope this one works. The tech on the phone told me the problem was with my router which is a brand new time capsule. But since I saw the ip address  change on the GenieGo system info page without any router interaction, I refuse to accept that solution.


So my hope is that someone out there will know how to set a static ip address on the genieGO or tell me that it is a problem with the Time Capsule router so I can pursue that