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Out of Home not working on my dd-wrt wndr3800


I set up the new GenieGo Saturday and it works perfectly on all devices in my house. I had the Mac geniego version configure my netgear with dd-wrt wndr3800 automatically.

I see (when I log in) that it added port forwarding for the IP the geniego has been assigned at home.


ApplicationStartEndProtocolIP AddressEnable


i am not sure what went wrong when copying and pasting but of course the fields on the router are populated.


GenieGO4416, start 8082, end 8082, tcp,, enabled

GenieGO1628, start 8083, end 8083, tcp,, enabled


When I run the geniego software at home and I do the test for out of home streaming it always tells me that it is set up for it.

But when I try to use geniego outside of my home (on a wifi) I always seem to get the same error "could not connect to geniego. tap here to search again"

when I check the system data I see my home ip under IP: I kind of expected that when configured for out of home, it would show my main router IP not the internal

Any suggestions on how to get this to work ?