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Satellite problems


I Had my roof rushing led today. When I got home I had an error 771 message. I know most of these seem to occur during storms or because brain something obstructing the view of the dish. I have tried resetting the receiver checked all of the in/out cables and the cables on the dish itself. My signal strength is (32 total at 101)

1-8 58 0 63 0 0 77 59 77

9-16 0 0 60 0 0 78 60 78

17-24 54 0 60 0 0 77 60 77

25-32 0 0 58 0 57 77 60 80


ANy ideas or am I going to have to wait a week until a tech can get here?

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    looks like your dish is out of alignment.  best to call DTV and request a service visit.  free with the protection plan otherwise $50.00

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    Your dish is slightly out of alignment. If you do not want to pay the install cost you can always try to point the dish yourself. For standard definition there are two angles you will need to point the dish.  If you have standard definition equipment it makes the alignment a little easier. The left and right, which is the azimuth, and the up and down, which is the elevation. First point the azimuth, and get as high of signal strength as possible, than move on to the elevation. If your equipment happens to be high definition than there is an additional step from here. First you will need to change the satellite to 103 degree (CA). Now that we are here, we need to move the dish like a steering wheel (this is called the tilt) until you have above 80 percent, the closer to 100 the better. That means that it is less likely to be disrupted by weather.

    Here is a tool that will help you find your Elevation and Azimuth; Dish Pointer


    Remember that the dish is extremely sensitive, so a little bit goes a long way. It helps to have at least one other person helping you align the dish. You will want to be in the signal meters screen in order to get the percentage of signal strength.


    Unfortunately, short of aligning the dish there is nothing you will be able to do.