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Mac OS 10.9 (Maveicks)  Apple


I've just installed Apple Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) from Apple OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion).  At the present time I cannot watch DirecTV.com various show and looking for supported systems I see that DirecTV does not support Apple OS10.9.   Will support for Apple OS 10.9 become available soon ?

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    I'm having the same issue!

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    This is the response that I have received from DirecTV Tech Support:


    Dear Mr...... ,


    My name is Marilou from DIRECTV's Email Support Group, and I appreciate you taking time to ask about accessing shows on your computer. I am happy to assist one of our new customers.


    Any proposed new equipment or enhancements to current equipment are subject to change until a formal announcement is made. Regretfully, I do not have any information that I can share with you right now.


    I have, however, forwarded your email on to our Management so that they can have a record of your request. While they cannot follow up with each customer individually, rest assured every suggestion and inquiry from our most important customers is reviewed to determine what changes should be considered.


    Furthermore, we want to keep updates accessible to our customers. You can find the latest news and information about our service at directv.com where you can also sign up for our newsletter. Just sign in at directv.com/mydirectv, click on the "My Settings" link and select the option to receive the DIRECTV monthly newsletter.


    We respect your time, Mr....., and I appreciate that you have given me the opportunity to assist you.

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    None of us here are DirecTV employees, so nobody will know when this new OS will be properly supported.  Best to keep calling and emailing DirecTV directly. 

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    Interestingly enough, you CAN watch Sunday Ticket on the site, online, which doesn't make sense, as they should use the same components...


    Direct TV needs to resolve this and quickly.




    Christopher Spera