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Sometimes my H25-500 box won't turn on.....


As the title says, sometimes my H25-500 box won't turn on after it has set for the day.  I've always turned it and the TV off with the remote every morning when I leave for work.  When I get home in the afternoon and turn the box and TV on, the blue DirecTV image comes on, but nothing happens.  If I turn the box off and back on, it comes on and works fine.  I know it isn't the TV because it comes on and the on screen setting comes on as it always does telling me that the HDMI setting for the satellite is waiting for the signal.  Is this somehow normal or should I call customer service to see about a replacement.  Or should I leave the box on and just turn off the TV?   If it makes a difference, I've had DirecTV for a little over 4 months.  The installer said I should turn off the box when I turn the TV off.