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Strange Issues With HR24 HD DVR After Latest Firmware Update


Hi Guys,


     I'll Paste my question in chronological order:


Around 3 am (eastern time zone), the receiver updated itself.  When I turned it on just now there was no picture--just a blank screen for several minutes.  A scheduled recording was not recording either.   I did a red button re-boot and after going through the self checks all is fine.  Just wondering if this happened to anyone else?


     Something is going on with the receiver since this update.  Freezing, black screen and sometimes I cannot turn off the unit by the remote.  A RBR fixes it but it might do it again in 15 minutes or the next day.  Receiver is a HD DVR HR24. I'd suspect the hard drive going bad but it seems odd it just started acting up after the update.  Thoughts??


    Well, the Wife tells me it was hanging up multiple times an hour--unwatchable.  I unplugged it and it will have rested 3 hrs.  I'll see what it does when I get home in an hour.  I can't help thinking it has something to do with the update.


       Got home now and plugged in the receiver.  Of course it went through the normal set up and then acted normal.  I'm watching a recorded show from earlier today and it is freezing for a second every few minutes.  I'll report what it does with live tv in a bit.  Keep in mind none of this was happening until after that update happened last Thursday morning.  Is there a way to reverse an update??



     O.K.  Have had the tv on for 4 hr now and it seems fine.  Even last night though recorded shows still paused for a few seconds.  I have not watched anything recorded today though.  I do a lot of auto repair and whenever I have a strange thing happen during a repair, I always retrace my steps and 99% of the time it is always a result of the last "fix".  I cannot help to think that theses receiver issues are a result of the firmware--it was perfect until they updated me.  Any thoughts????


Further Updaate.........


Hi Guys,


    After several days of  watching live tv, all seems fine now HOWEVER, any recordings are still pausing every now and then.  Does the same thing either with a recording or if I pause live tv for a few minutes and start it back again.  Once I am caught up, all is fine again.  I have also checked on some old recordings and it does the same thing.  Does this sound like strictly a hard drive issue and is so, could I just get an external HD (a DVR Expander)??  Keep in mind that all this started the morning after the latest firmware was downloaded--the receiver is less than 4 yr old (always stays in the entertainment cabinet with lots of airflow around it).  Are there any tests I can do at this point??




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