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No Internet Connection with Android GenieGo App


I have been patiently waiting for GenieGo OOH support on Android. I downloaded the latest app to my tablet (Samsung 10.1) and it works great. My phone (Droid RAZR) is another story.


After the app auto-updated I started it and it says I'm not connected to the Internet. I have Verizon 4GLTE with a full set of bars. Additionally all kinds of other app like the browser and e-mail work just fine. After messing with that for an hour I uninstalled the app and installed a new copy. It ask me to log-in to my DTV account. Now I get a message saying, "You are not connected. (POSIX/51)"


I assume that is still a no Internet connect message. A Google search was a dead end. A search in the DTV site gave, "No results were found for "POSIX51".

Does GenieGo not support streaming over 4GLTE?

An interesting side note. I set up the phone as a WiFi hot spot (tethering) and connected to it with the tablet and it worked perfectly just as I expected so I know the 4GLTE connection is capable of streaming the GenieGO signals.

Does anybody know if the Android version of GenieGo does or does not recognize 4GLTE as a legitimate Internet connection?