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no network dvrs found


I have 2 dvrs and 1 high def regular box. hr21-100, h24-200 and hr20-700. I signed up for whole home over the phone and was told my boxes met the requirements. I am unable to see the play list from one box to another. The status says authorized for whole home but no networked dvrs found. I called direct tv and was told I needed to change two of my boxes in order to get this to work and would need to pay full price for the boxes. per other questions out here it looks like maybe I just need some converter on the back of my boxes? deca or some other thing? right now the only thing hooked into the back of all my boxes are b-band converters for the HD. Can someone tell me what I need and for which box so I don't have to get new boxes?



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    You need a SWM LNB, a power inserter, splitters (as needed), DECA home adapters for your HR21 and HR20, the H24 has DECA built in, and lastly the CCK to connect the receiver to the internet.  Give DirecTV and tell them that they need to come and upgrade you to SWM to support WHDVR

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    In no way would the system allow us to add whole home to your account without a SWM install inless our records are incorrect which i have seen before and the whole charge should been seen has 3$ charge on the account or bill now if truly added.And now if u have are protection plan and havent had upgrade recently should quilify for free upgrade to the SWM system and add a genie or HDDVR to the home and whole of course added at that point.But really soulds lke your still on a multiswitch system which easiest way to tell is to check your coax cables coming from the wall to your HDDVR 1 or 2 if 2 then multiswitch if 1 SWM system will check for response.ALL else Fails Call DTV support Protection plan and should be able to clarify issue im sure....