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    Other than the bug, do you see any difference between the HR34 and HR44? Does the software seem to be the same? Does it connect to clients the same way? Does it have the same outputs?




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    gort wrote:


    Does the software seem to be the same?  YES

    Does it connect to clients the same way?  YES

    Does it have the same outputs? YES, with the HR44 having optical out and the HR34 does not



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    Yes, besides adding an optical dolby digital connection (that was removed from the HR34 for some reason), the main differences are; 1) the power supply has been removed from the unit so there's no fan internally to keep the PS cool and 2) onboard wireless - connected the unit to my Apple Airport Extreme network without any issues.


    The HR44 is about 1/2 the size of the HR34 and does RF as well as IR remote. I only have 1 TV so I can't comment on the whole-home wireless features of the HR44. 

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    I've spent over three months on this issue (pixelation on local channels). They are still saying there have been no other reports of this problem. We all know that's not true. I have given up, and have cancelled DirecTV.

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    Just chiming in from another neck of the woods, N. Idaho (Spokane WA. "local" network feed). Same pixilation, freezing, jumping problem on my HR34.

    Last week it was during the USC/Notre Dame afternoon game on NBC. It was virtually unwatchable (and not just because of how USC performed!) I've also seen the problem during SNL (repeat versions @ 10:00pm on Sat. and new Eps. @ 11:30.) Last night (10/24) it was really bad during CBS primetime (Crazy Ones, Elementary etc.)


    I too have contacted DTV about this, and received the same "this is the first I've heard of this" response. Is there a magic number of complaints they need to receive before they'll take it seriously?

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    Just point them to a few of these threads and the videos I posted previously. Simply an unacceptable level of service for the price we pay. Keep on them and tell them you're going to walk if it's not resolved. Your HR44 is coming soon, I can feel it!

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    I emailed DTV, sent the YouTube links, directed them to this forum, etc. The reply..."call us".


    I did, explained everything, got the same "first I've heard of it" answer. Told them about the HR44 fix noted here on the forum but was told I had to have a tech out (again) to check it out (again), and if the problem remained, then maybe I could get the replacement. I even asked if the tech would have an HR44 with him and was told "no". I asked for a credit for disruption of service, and was given a nominal one of just over $10 (better than nothin')


    Tech showed up today, I explained the situation and before he even came into the house, he had the HR44 in hand. He said the tech's he knows of, know of the HR34 issue(s) and are swapping these out on a regular basis these days. So in spite of what the CSR may tell you, the tech may come prepared (though your results may vary from state to state!)


    One other difference in the connections besides the Dolby digital connection, is that they removed the S-Video output. No biggie for most here in the 21st century, but I'm hooked up to an older TV in the room in question, and I was hooked up via S-Video. Back to RCA cables now.


    So thanks ssaylor and others who posted about this, I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope this resolves the issue. Good luck to all the others in the HR34 abyss...we'll be waiting for you on the other side!

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    Another success story.... GOOD JOB!

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    Well I read in another thread that DTV was fixing this issue market by market. We watched a NBC show recorded yesterday(Katie) without a problem and I am currently watching "Ellen" recorded yesterday without issues! Both of these experienced play back issues regularly in the past.


    Or did my last change completely removing the Cinema Kit and DECA from my installation fix it. I have the HR34-700 Genie on coax with a Driectv band stop filter (BSFR01), to the power supply and the other side of the power supply on port one of a 4 port SWiM coax splitter and plugged into my router on it's ethernet port. The HR22-200 in another room is on SWiM Coax and ethernet and is working fine including play back from the Genie. The DECA that "was" on the HR22-200 ran so hot you could fry an egg on it.


    So did I fix it or did Directv fix it?

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    I"m chiming in as well, this time from SF (local NBC station KNTV San Jose).  I'm on my second HR34-700 and still having the exact same issues shown in the youtube videos above, only on NBC.  Time to hound DirecTV.  It ruined Sunday night football two nights ago, ruined the Voice last night, and then the Voice again tonight.  It's obviously something to do with the compression because it has never once happened on a commercial, and usually happens when there is action on screen, such as the middle of a football play.  It's infuriating!

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    HR44 UPDATE:


    After running my HR44 for a couple months I can say, there has been almost no pixellation during live or recorded transmissions. However, what I am now noticing (that did not previously occur) are periods of 1-2 sec. of video blackout while the audio continues. This is well documented in other threads as another problem, on other channels. I have 30 years on IT systems admin & support and am beginning to think both of these pixellation  and blackout problems are related to the transmission issue. I suspect the machines are just handling the transmission problem differently. That said, I'd much rather have the blackouts since the audio continues and you can maintain continuity of the programming!       

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    Our HR34-700 does the black out thing once in a while, but not often! Chris

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    Well we watch the Voice Live Tuesday, so I just replayed it and it is fine. Mondays was completely un-watchable. David from Office of the President is off checking on what they can do for me. They still are blaming it on NBC and denying the condition is fixed with the installation of a HR44. I suggested they read their own forum!!! Chris

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    OK, got a call back and he said they are going to send a HR44! Chris

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    That opens an interesting thought!!! Watch it live and record at the same time and it is fine. Recorded it with the box off on Monday and it was a complete mess. I wonder if there is a clue in that!! Chris

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