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HR34-700 adding external drive


I have found old posts on adding external drives, but most of the data I have seen is more than 3-4 years old, with the HD recommendations also being very old, or invalid links.


I see there is an SATA port on the back of my DVR. 


1) Will most any HD work if put in a good eSATA hard drive enclosure? 

2) Is there a size limitation 3-4TB?

3) I have read that when you add an external drive it then uses that drive and it replaces the internal drive - how big is the internal?


many thanks

  • Re: HR34-700 adding external drive
    1. Yes you can add an external e-SATA hard drive to the Genie

    2) the Genie has no size limitation 

    3) yes adding an external drive replaces the internal which is 1TB.

    keep in mind that shows are married to the receiver, even on the external drive, if the Genie were to break, you will lose  the shows