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Is the HR-44 now nationwide?


Is it possible to get an HR-44 Genie in all markets now, or is it still restricted to certain areas?


I am most interested in the Charleston SC market.

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    The wireless Version is Still restricted to these markets

    Charlotte, Pittsburg, Raleigh, Cleveland, Minneapolis, De Moines, St Louis, Denver, Fresno, Phoenix.

    Comming soon nationwide hoping!!

    But the non wireless version should be availble to all markets if in stock of course!!

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    I install in Charleston.


    Yes we are putting in hr44 and have been for months.


    Every once in a while we will get a shipment of hr34's....but very rare.


    And as of today..the wireless genie clients are NOT available.  They are expected in warehouse this week, but not very many will be stocked.


    Don't expect to see them available on all installs or upgrades til January/ February.