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Tuning into black screens, no sound


HD-DVR HR 24/500


In the past couple of days, a couple of times, when I change to a new channel, I see a black screen, no program.  This can affect all of the channels at once, but sometimes some channels will tune in while the rest are all black screen.  The DVR is showing the normal menus on screen and is responding to the RC normally.  It plays back programs normally, though a few programs have been recorded blank...when I play those few programs, a couple seconds after I press play, I see black screen, then see the Delete Now prompt that you see at the end of a normal recorded program. 


When it's tuning into stations and showing a black screen, if I go into the Settings and view Satellite signals, then exit, the tuner begins to work again and all channels are back to normal.  That remedy has worked. 


But something's wrong.