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HR-34 and NBC picture breakup


Tried to post in a thread but keep getting a message that I'm no logged in.

Happens to me too in Colorado Springs. NBC only and seems to be only during the local news. Happens during the news in the morning, Noon and 5:00 news but now that I think of it It one episode of The Black List, NBC, that I recorded was so bad I couldn't watch it. Genie views live OK. It's the clients that breakup. and NBC recordings.

Leary about asking for a HR-44 as I'm not quite into 1 year of the 2 year contract and I figure they won't send me one.

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    Just set up a service call tell the tech you want to swap it.Most Techs like my self would swap it for you.Tell them you will give them a perfect follow up survey score maybe even a 20 spot  lol

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    I have the same receiver HR34-700 and same problem.  My local NBC station (KNTV San Jose) breaks up regularly on recorded shows.  Sunday night football two nights ago.  The Voice last night, and again tonight.  Also it NEVER happens during a commercial and usually happens only during a shot with a lot of action on the screen, such as the middle of a play in football, so I think it's some kind of subtle technical problem to do with the compression.  I'm furious about it as it has ruins several shows per week!