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Possessed HDDVR-HR24 resets/change resolutions/Records on its own DIRECTV has already replaced


Hello helpers:


I know I have seen this thread but no really responses and maybe you all help.


MY HR24-100 has already been replaced it will change channels on all channels, also it will change the resolutions random also and I do not mean when we just change channels. Also it will start to record its own programs off and on.  It is SWiM connected and Broadband connected.


Things I have already done:


Red Reset

Hard reset (allowed 15 seconds then plugged back in)

Reset Everything through menus

I have disconnected and reconnected all cables to the SWiM as it in the same room, and done the same to the HDDVR.

I have swapped batteries in remote

I have swapped remotes

I have changed remote settings from IR to RF and back

Signal Str:

101- Tuner 1 96%

101= Tuner 2 96%


99c- Tuner 1 91%

99c- Tuner 2 91%


103ca- Tuner 1 88%

103ca- Tuner 2 88%


103cb- Tuner 1 92%

103cb- Tuner 2 92%


SWM- Tuner 1 99%

SWM- Tuner 2 99%


I do not know what is going on, and really do not want to have to call in and have to deal with case management. If I have to I will, but wanted to see if there is anything else as this is going on with the same location and same ird type.  My other H24, H23, and HR24-100 are working fine in the other home location.


Thanks for any advice.