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The RC71 and the Genie 34-700 with a Hisense HDTV


Like the title says, I have just acquired the Genie 34-700 and the RC71.  The TV worked just fine with the old HDDVR's remote.  I can't get the new little remote to program to the TV.  I couldn't get it to program to RF either.  I've been following suggestions in the forum but none have worked so far.  There are no "TV-AV" switch or button on the new remote, so it's tough to follow the screen prompts.  The screen has me select the device for which I want the remote programmed. Sometimes I get the proper number of "flashes"; sometimes I don't.


I'm beginning to believe that I have a bad remote.  Does anyone out there know how to:


     1. Properly program this new little peanut remote to RF?


     2. Get the remote to program to my Hisense TV, which I dearly love cuz' it'a a great set.

          I've tried three different codes so far with no luck.  Three was all I could find. (10748, 11314, 12183)


The Genie is a 34-700 and the Hisense TV model number is F55T39EGWD.


Other than that, the receiver and client box work just fine.  They left an IR remote with the client.  It's the long skinny gray/black thing.


I appreciate any help anyone can extend,