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Which model HD DVR (non-Genie) is best?


Which HD DVR model works best?  (I don't need Genie service).


Is there a difference between HR-24-200 and HR-24-500?


Which models of HD DVR are ones to avoid?  (One time they gave me a model that wasn't HR24 and it worked very slowly.  I'd push the buttons on the remote and the DVR would take many seconds to respond).



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    The general consensus from posts I see are the HR24 (regardless of dash number) is preferable to earlier HR2x models.  The dash number indicates the manufacturer of the box.  However, unless you order a DVR from a third party vendor, there is no guarantee what model you will get from DirecTV. All HR2x models are considered equivalent products.

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      Thanks.  Last year, when our HR24 went bad, they replaced it with HR2x (I forget which) and that one sucked. It was very slow, unusable.  Then they got me another HR24-500, which worked for a while but now has gone bad too.    


      They sent another HR24-200.