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HR44/500 with 736 error, referred to "engineering"?


My HR44/500 no longer allows me to purchase any content with remote and displays the 736 message. This affects both OnDemand (1100) and traditional PPV channels (100s).


Phone and internet are connected and working; no errors in Network Settings. System test reports no problems. I have only the one DTV receiver.


I spent an hour on the phone with two different Protection Plan reps a couple of weeks ago. They did resets, reauthorizations, and basically everything they could think of. Finally the second rep gave up and said the problem would be "referred to engineering." This sounds like a black hole to me and I am still without functionality.


I can order, but it require a circuitous process of using the playlist, the website, a substantial time lag, and sometimes multiple attempts. Very cumbersome and hardly worth the effort.


Any ideas? And what does "referred to engineering" really mean? Do I have to keep calling and going through the long process over and over again until someone decides to do something? Customer since 1999 and never had a problem like this before.