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Screen Freezes but Audio Continues


Clarifying my issue, reported earlier thinking it was the exact issue as some other's posted here, but it doesn't seem to be exactly the same.


We will switch to a channel - and the screen will be black, but with Audio.  This happens on any/all of our 3 different setups.  (this would rule out connection issues between the TV and Receiver - as there are 3 separate tvs with 3 separate receivers.


When this happens for a recording - we get 30-maybe 60 seconds of video - then it freezes - and the audio continues.


Am not able to fast foward or any playback controls - if you pause - it always goes back to the start.  Though with no video - it is pretty worthless.


I though this was a DVR/Recording issue - but it is not - as it  happens when watching live tv also.


When live - sometimes if we change channels several times - it corrects itself.


THe problem seems to be getting worse - more channels and more frequent.