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RG6 Runs for New Basement


Hey all, question about pre-wiring a basement.


I currently have a Genie receiver and two clients.  One client in a workout room in basement and one in an 2nd floor bedroom.


There are two lines that run from the dish into the house, and both run (I believe) to the genie box where the SWM box is hidden behind an entertainment center. (There are runs of Coax in the basement that are everywhere from a previous owner having multiple Dish feeds and also coax for Internet running around as well)


I am finishing the basement and need two additional clients.  I know where they are to be located and want to run the RG6 myself before drywall.


Question:  Where should I run the RG6?  I can run it to a unfinished portion of the basement that is on the dish side of the house.  Should I run it there and leave 20 feet of extra cable and advise the installer of what I want?  The two cables that run from the dish come into the house on that side as well and can easily be located where the dead ends of the new cable would be set.  (I would imagine that they could be split in that area of the basement and placed in a box...with the home runs from the dish terminated at that point and then distributed to the rooms)


Basically, I need to know where the RG6 that would connect to two new boxes should go.  An unfinished portion of the basement with access to the dish, or feed them up the wall to where the current SWM box is near the existing Genie receiver.


I am not worried about having 4 clients on the single genie, as the most that would ever be on is the genie plus 3 clients.  If I ever run into problems, I will put an HD non DVR box at a location.


Thanks for any information.

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    You should run those two cables to anywhere there is a current DirecTV coax.  So it seems that you plan will work

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    Yeah..what Peds said..but I would run all cabling to one central spot if possible.


    Less splitters the better.

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    What you call "the current SWM box" is most likely a splitter, and out of it you should have coax going to your Genie, and to each current client location.  There is also a power inserter someplace in your system, and that needs to stay connected also.  If you run your new runs to that location (Genie location), they could simply be connected to the existing splitter (if there are two unused connections), or that splitter can be replaced with a larger one that has enough connections.


    If you can trace out all of the old coax in your house, it probably runs to some single location, and from there to various points around the house. If that is the case, an option would be to run everything through the old central location, but that will require getting the coax from the dish to that location also. That may or may not be worth trying to do.


    So probably the simplest solution would be to run the new coax to the current Genie location. But as peds48 noted, you could actually run it to any of your 3 currently working locations. As bufmufr noted though, the fewer the splitters the better (normally).

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      I finally figured out the install...


      The house was previously wired for Cable/Dish from the exterior grey utility box on the north side of the house.  Direct placed the dish where they needed on the south side, and ran a home run into the house, through the basement, and outside to the cable/Dish box on the south side.  They then split the direct signal from there on a 8 point splitter, that most likely took advantage of existing in-wall coax runs that were installed during construction.  The SWD ODU Power Inserter has one coax in and one coax out behind the Genie Receiver.


      Now that I finally figured that out...


      1.. Easiest---run new wire to an existing working Coax (in basement) and use a 1-3 splitter


      2.  Moderate---run two new Coax feeds to the Genie location


      3.  Hardest----run two new Coax feeds to the outside grey utility box, and drill another hole through beams and concrete that is located in a bad spot.


      I am guessing Option 1 would work, and only introduce 1 additional splitter to mix, for a total of two splitters on the entire system.


      Thanks for all of the information.