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status update?


Apples and watermelons! I got an email indicating I needed to update my status. There is no indication of what that means or what is required or expected. No info on HELP. Any idea of what is wanted or required? I still am getting daily responses on mt topic. Would that indicate that it is still active?

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    No idea

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    I've been in an email "conversation" about this topic for a few weeks now, and this is the most recent answer I've received;



    Please understand that this is managed by a third party provider called JIVE. However, I listed the steps to end email notifications and how to update your status in this email. To stop the notifications, you will need to visit www.forums.directv.com and sign in to your forum account. Then follow the steps below:


    - Select your name on the top right

    - Select Preferences

    - On the top of the page, you will see "EMAIL PREFERENCES." All you have to do is choose NO for the email notifications you wish to not receive.

    - IMPORTANT, please select save at the bottom before exiting.


    To set a status updates, please follow these steps:


    - Select Create on the top middle

    - Select Status Update

    - Fill in the information.




    Notice however, they didn't tell me WHICH email option to choose NO for. About a month ago I was told to select NO for the "Inbox Direct social actions (personal @mentions, shares and messages)", but that didn't stop the messages. I agree that turning off ALL emails would probably stop the "reminder", but what if I what/need some of these messages? The only way I can think of finding out exactly which (if any) of the options will stop those reminders is to try shutting off the options one-at-a-time.


    Beyond that, in past emails I've sent I asked, why would I want to post my status in the first place. If you follow the steps outlined above, the description for it is "Share what you're up to". Now I don't know about any of you, but I can't see a good reason why I would want to do that on this site. Isn't that what Facebook is for???


    But if you go ahead and pick the option, all it does is open up a window with titled "Post a Status Update", and a box for you to type in. So I guess you would babble on about what you're up to. Again, why???


    So the bottom line appears to be that DirecTv is using some third-party app for their forums, and they don't know much about this particular "option", nor how to disable it.