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Rewind Function Malfunction...2nd Receiver Sound Issue


Why doesn't the rewind function work on all channels.  I get the message that I could watch from the beginning VERY FEW times.  I can count on one hand the times the option has been offered to me since we got our Genie.  Also, when watching tv upstairs on my second receiver the sound is behind the sound track on the tv in the living room.  We have a loft so there are no walls and it is hard to understand the words

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    1.  The "start over" feature only works if your Genie has one of its five satellite tuners already tuned to that channel.   Then its recording buffer contains the beginning segment of that show.  


    2.  Because of delays in video and audio processing with different TVs/AV Surround Receivers, it's highly unlikely that two different Recevier/DVRs will ever have their audio in synch.