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    The HR44 was definitely (at least in my case) the cure. Not a single issue with pixelation since.


    I too had tried the "live" versus recorded viewing on the HR34 prior to my last call. Watched SNL on one set, while recording the same episode. The recorded version was an unwatchable mess, while the live viewing was fine. So anyone who says it's not the HR34's issue, is mistaken (or misleading!)

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    Received my new HR44-500 to replace the HR34-700. Have it all set up and working. Hopefully the playback issues are behind me. Chris

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    I have an HR34-700, it just started acting up on my on my ABC channel (WMUR/Channel 9). Same exact issues. Freezing live or recorded, any genie device. Frustrated.

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    See my response to your other post.  Since you're experiencing this problem with your local ABC station, it's probably not the same issue that some folks have with HR34's and their local NBC station.  

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    Been experiencing these symptoms in Raleigh on a HR-34/700 since November-ish. Playback recordings of live TV (like NFL games) experience random stutters and freezing. The channels I've seen this on include (but not necessarily limited to):

    • WRAL - CBS
    • WRAZ - FOX
    • NFLN - NFL Network

    What's interesting is that I don't see it on the commercials between live segments. As others have mentioned, if you tune directly to the live feed (while making sure that the recording has stopped), everything appears normal.


    Theory: there is some kind of out-of-band digital signal in the live video stream that is not understood or processed by the recording software itself. Thus, the DVR interprets it as a signal interruption and retries a few (virtual) frames backwards to see if it can get the signal right/clean. There is something of  a rhythmic nature to the freezes.

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    I'M in your same viewing area. I have had this same intermittent problem on all of my local channels (and only local channels) for several years. The 'solution' is to go in to your menu and restart the receiver. This works for a while but it gets old having to do it frequently, especially when you lose the channel in the middle of something you're watching and miss five minutes while it resets. Have had several conversations with Directv but no explanation for why it happens. If you google 'directv local channels' you will see that this isn't an isolated or recent problem. Must be something Directv doesn't want to spend any money fixing however. Would love to know a permanent fix if you find one.

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    Do you have an HR34? If not, yours is NOT the same issue.

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    Having the same issue but it's ABC (Channel 4) in Seattle.  This issue is in addition to Video freezing but audio continuing on recordings or if using pause, rewind, etc on live TV.  All threads for my issues seem to point to getting my HR34-700 swapped for an HR44 so I'm trying to get the technician out soon but having to deal with the stupid customer service hurdles (yes, i unplugged my receiver, reset my receiver, tested my signal strength), it's maddening.  Will update if I am able to get swapped for a HR44 and it fixes the issues.  Now if they'd only offer a way to transfer everything from the DVR to the new box...

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    Hmmm.  I'm in Seattle and have not seen this issue with my HR34 on KOMO4.  

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    dwood72 - I think you have a different issue, those symptoms are quite different from the ones associated with this particular bug.

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    I'm having multiple issues, so I probably should have just stuck to the one for this thread to eliminate confusion.  Simply, what's happening in the YouTube videos posted by ssaylor above has happened for us a lot on the local ABC here in Seattle.  The other problems are more significant though, just hoping a swap to the HR44 on my service call on Friday takes care of them all.

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    I am having the exact same experience for many months - though only with recordings - never with live streaming.  Nearly all my Olympic recordings can not be viewed.  Same for Today Show and NBC Nightly News.    No problem with any other channel.  I've talked to many people at DirecTV and they all insist I pay for the replacement DVR to be shipped which really makes me mad.  When ever I had problems with Comcast equipment not only would they replace the unit - they'd send someone to install it.   With DirecTV competing with COMCAST (who owns NBC - and as of today's news apparently Time Warner by the end of the year )  it makes you wonder why this fix is taking so long.  If this is not resolved soon - when my 2 year subscription is over I'm out of here. 

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    The people at DirecTV are a bunch of weasels who claim they can do nothing to get you an HR44, even if they grudgingly admit that there is a problem with the HR34. The only way to get an HR44 is to ask for a service call. Try to save some examples of bad recordings to show the tech. It also can help to show some of these posts to avoid getting stuck with another HR34.


    Good luck,


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    Thanks Gort!


    I appreciate and will follow your advice.



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    This has been happening to me over the past few months on occasion. Did not call until today but the Tonight Show w Jimmy Fallon recorded last night was unviewable so I called. I have the HR34. The CSR heard of the problem although he said not lately. I informed him of the forum threads attributing it to the HR34 and requested an HR44 per the suggestions here. He said he's heard of the problem on other DVR models as well including non-HD. After some hesitation and perhaps conferring, he stated he will be sending me and HR44 as a replacement.


    I hope it works.