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Screen Freezes but Audio Continues


Clarifying my issue, reported earlier thinking it was the exact issue as some other's posted here, but it doesn't seem to be exactly the same.


We will switch to a channel - and the screen will be black, but with Audio.  This happens on any/all of our 3 different setups.  (this would rule out connection issues between the TV and Receiver - as there are 3 separate tvs with 3 separate receivers.


When this happens for a recording - we get 30-maybe 60 seconds of video - then it freezes - and the audio continues.


Am not able to fast foward or any playback controls - if you pause - it always goes back to the start.  Though with no video - it is pretty worthless.


I though this was a DVR/Recording issue - but it is not - as it  happens when watching live tv also.


When live - sometimes if we change channels several times - it corrects itself.


THe problem seems to be getting worse - more channels and more frequent.



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    What models are your DVRs/Receivers?

    Have you tried resetting them?

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    I think you might find that many of us have been suffering with these issues.  I first opened a discussion in Nov and another discussion was open later on that sounds like a very similar if not the same issue.  Many things have been tried and so far from what I'm seeing the only solution that has worked (short term so far) is to get the Genie HR44.  Not saying thats the fix.  I have a tech coming out this afternoon and hoping he will swap out our HR34 with a HR44 to see if that is the fix.


    Here are the links.





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    I had the same issues you describe (both recorded and live tv) along with this issue as well (Re: Pixelation on local NBC Channel).  After going through 3 painfully simple customer service phone calls (yes, i reset the unit, ran a system test and checked the signal strength) I was able to get a service call scheduled for the next day.  The guy that came saw an example I had saved on the DVR, smiled and within 30 seconds of watching the recording said, yep, you need the 44 to fix that and walked out to his truck to swap out my HR34 for the HR44.  So far none of the original issues have replicated themselves over the weekend.

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    My new HR25 500 receiver was freezing almost daily, sometimes 3-4 times a day, but definitely at least 5 times weekly, with the 10 to 15 minute "Reset & Wait" procedure I had to frustratingly wait through in between the freezes.

    So I called DTV Tech Support, I explained the whole problem and, predictably, the guy gave me one of those "the problem's something that YOU'RE doing wrong -- Get 'em off the phone quick" solution..... The guy asked me if I had the box' power adapter plugged directly into the wall or into a power strip. I had it in a power strip (and still do). So, without asking me whatever else I might have plugged into the power strip, he (predictably... I KNEW this was coming....) told me that "the power adapter is not getting enough electricity because other things you've got plugged into the power strip are using too much electricity." 

    Well, what I didn't tell the guy is that I'm an electrician.

    The DTV power adapter for the H25 500 says it draws 1/2 of 1 amp at 120 volts AC, with the output being 1.5 amps at 12 volts DC. So the adapter drops the voltage, plus it rectifies the AC to DC.  So..... with a minimum of 18 amps at 120v AC available to the adapter, I knew plain as day that the guy was blowin' smoke.  And certain that the power adapter had a dynamic voltage regulator (i.e., if the input voltage dropped to 110 or 105 volts AC, it'd STILL nominally put out 12 volts DC).  And BTW, I had maybe 4 amps worth of current draw from other items plugged into the power strip (not intermittent draws, which could cause tiny voltage spikes, but steady draws from all of the other devices plugged into the strip besides the DTV adapter).


    Anywho, to make a long story short, I knew I was going to get nowhere with that DTV tech, since he was blowin' me smoke already right from the git-go.



    So I began looking carefully at & investigating the receiver, to see what could possibly be the cause of the freezing.
    I noticed that the receiver was awfully hot. And I had absolutely nothing on top of it, & nothing blocking airflow around or underneath the receiver.  What I **DID** notice however, is that the only area that the receiver has any cooling slots for hot air to escape from is on the bottom of the device -- NONE on the top of the device, which is the direction that hot air goes, and so cooling slots SHOULD be on top, considering just how hot that receiver gets.
    My initial solution was to turn the box UPSIDE DOWN so that the hot air could escape out of the bottom-cut cooling slots.

    And yep.... sure enough, that helped immensely. No freezes for days & days after that.
    But.... it did still freeze occasionally.
    So...... Next step..... Open 'er up.
    I unplugged everything from the receiver, took the card out, & then took the entire case off of the receiver.  So now, I've got a PC board with exposed components sitting on its 4 rubber feet.
    And guess what.....  NO FREEZES, EVER.


    I don't know about any other receiver boxes except what I surmise are overheating problem boxes I read about in these troubleshooting pages, but the H25 500 is BADLY DESIGNED.  IT OVERHEATS BECAUSE OF ITS BAD DESIGN.  IT FREEZES BECAUSE OF ITS OVERHEATING WHICH IS BECAUSE OF ITS BAD DESIGN.


    So..... if you who have continual freezing problems with your DTV, feel the temperature of your receiver box.
    If it's hot, first try turning it upside down so the cooling slots are on TOP, not on the bottom.
    And it that doesn't help, or doesn't help enough, then do what ya gotta do, 'cause Tech Support ain't gonna help ya with an inherently badly-designed receiver box.  Open 'er up.


    Over n out....... CG