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HBO GO, STARZPLAY, SHOWTIMENOW, ETC. not recognizing my Direct TV Subscription to these Channels


I have called multiple times to Directtv technical support/ account authorization/ management and all have been puzzled/ unable to resolve that HBO GO/(all my premium channel streaming sites) is not recognizing my long time subscription to HBO when I have tried to Sign up with HBO GO using my Direct TV.com email and password. On 2.16.14 I set up my Direct TV online account and have no problem accessing all of my settings and account info. Then when I went to HBOGO.com, and clicked sign up- chose Direct TV as my provider- and entered my email/password it prompted the following note(and still till this day does):




It appears that your DIRECTV subscription does not include HBO. HBO GO is available free to DIRECTV customers who subscribe to HBO. To sign up for HBO and start using HBO GO, or if you think you received this message in error, please visit www.directv.com or call DIRECTV directly at 1-800-531-5000.


I have called Direct TV and spoke to a representative, then technical support, then account authorization, then back to technical support/supervisors. Nobody can seem to figure out why HBO GO will not recognize my subscription and grant me access. They have tried to sync and then re-sync my account multiple times and we have tried to access HBO GO on multiple platforms: MacBook Pro running Mavericks, iPhone 5 running 7.04, iPad running 6 and nothing has gotten through the sign up and onto the site.


reference: 58499869