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Possible to register device -desktop pc- that is not at home?


The tech said I must bring my OFFICE PC home to let it be seen by the geniego on the home network.

Then I can take it back to work and watch the DVR programs recorded.


I think there MUST be a way around that.

Any computer far away would not be able to register.


I am asking this forum for advise because the tech must be uninformed.


(I registered a laptop to geniego at home.)

(I downloaded a single show onto the geniego.)


How do I setup my home hardware to be able to allow my

away from home PC to see my geniego?

I loaded the geniego app on it but it can't find the geniego!


Thanks in advance.

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    In order to activate the GenieGO OOH (out of home) feature, the computer and the GenieGO must be on the same LAN (network) when the activation occurs.  The Tech was spot on.  Understand that were any computer anywhere able to access the GenieGO OOH then folks would be sharing the Directv programming with the entire dorm, or city of Cincinnati etc.

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      Anyone else?... Anyone???


      Despite the fact that your response includes a sarcastic, demeaning, patronizing slap of words,

      I would only say that it would again point out the ineptitude of the techs I spoke to- and there were maybe a dozen.

      Noone said there would be any problem; It would just have to be "fixed" still. (Until the last "tech")


      As I understand it, only 5 devices are allowed to play the Direct tv programming from my geniego.

      Therefore I discount your argument and await a reply from someone who might know a thing or two more than you.


      There are a good number of posts in this forum which direct users to work the problem in various ways.

      I hoped to get solid direct info if it is available.


      Any help to make progress would be welcome. Others need not apply.

      I can plod along on my own if none is forthcoming.


      Thanks again in progress.