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    I have a service plan and had the same problem with DTV. It took almost a year to get an HR44. Try asking for service call to fix the problem, not to bring an HR44. If you show him examples of the problem, he probably will give you an HR44. That's your only chance. Good luck.

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    The pixelation issue that everyone is referring to is not exclusive to satellite television. I had COX Communication cable and ABC constantly was pixelating in the evening, but only during the station broadcast. Not one commercial ever appeared pixelated.


    I had Cox reps out at the house several times, and each one said the same thing: "You need HDMI cables for this to work". I bought HDMI cables, installed them correctly (one line between the cable box and the TV) yet the pixelation continued.  I switched to satellite (DirecTV) and the problem persists.


    It's not the carrier...it's the originator of the broadcasts: the networks.

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    During the past few days since my last post, I have had no issues with freezing or pixilation on NBC local feed.  I agree with wjturner3 that this is in fact is a network issue and not DTV.  We'll see and will update if there are other issues with the HR34.

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    Greetings. I work for DTV Tech Support and Protection Plans. We are currently aware of a broadcast issue with MSNBC. There is some random freeze frame/pix issues. Our National Broadcast Center is currently working on this issue.

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    Please be aware the problem (as far as I am aware) is NBC,not MSNBC. I received a replacement HR34 and it worked for a while. Recorded the Tonight Show a week ago and it was unwatchable. This occurred with the replacement HR34. Northern NJ area. This does not happen with CBS, etc., only with NBC. If the HR44 is the solution as described by others, why can't DirecTV just swap them out? This is an ongoing serious issue.

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    I hope you mean NBC not MSNBC.....

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    We finally got DTV to replace out HR34 with a HR44 in the fall and the problem is 99.99 percent gone! My son has a HR34 and just the other day told me he has the problem. It might be a NBC problem, but DTV can fix it on your end with a HR44!


    According to DTV, there is a river in Egypt named de-nile!



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    I don't record regular NBC only CNBC. I did have an issue with CBS primetime a couple weeks back.


    I spoke with my local tech/installer and he has heard from others with the issue.  When I say pixellation I mean the video stalls and jitters as does the audio.  It looks like an old video tape that had issues with too much starting and stopping combined with digital skipping/stalling.


    CNBC 5pm CST Mad Money is hit and miss.  I can typically tell in the opening minutes if it is going to play or not.


    I don't want a new receiver I just want what I have to work properly.

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    And here in Virginia it's the local ABC stations that Pilate, generally

    between 6pm and 8pm.

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    I see the problem on MSNBC as well as NBC. Note that both are broadcast by NBC, so this is what I would expect. However, we saw it on ABC as well, when we taped the Academy Awards.


    Wooferz: Do you expect to be able to fix this with a software patch for HR34 owners, or are we all going to have to upgrade?


    I'm reluctant to call tech support on this, because I know they'll have to follow the script (unplug the DVR for 30 seconds, etc.) even though I've already done all that. If anybody knows of a shortcut, some magic phrase I can use to avoid all that, let me know! Please!



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    Don't hold your breath waiting for an HR34 "software fix".  This problem has existed far too long, and affects too few customers, to think that DirecTV will ever totally solve it.  Insist on an HR44 replacement.

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    There was a glitch on MSNBC last night

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    Yes, I'm aware of the issues with the HR-34, I'll be the first one to admit they are a headache! I understand everyone's frustration with them. I deal with them everyday and chances are if it's a tech support call about a genie, it's going to be the HR-34. I will check my resources and get back to all of you soon with some additional information. =)

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    There was a national broadcast issue with MSNBC and a handful of other channel the other day, issues are not related however. It's a sep. issue I was referring to, happening to all customer's in most markets, regardless of their equipment. Sorry for the confusion.

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