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I am pretty much Fed up!


So, anyone here on the forums that have been unhappy with the HR34 receiver, get an upgrade to the newer HR44?  I have been having troubles with horrible lag, screen freezes, shows not recording, or only partialy recording, recorded shows freezing up. I have done hard resets until I am BLUE in the face, and it takes sometimes 4-5 hours when the receiver goes into "scan" and I have some 5000 errors.


I have talked to Tech Support both via email and on phone several times. I THOUGHT I was going to get this finally resolved, when the last Tech person I spoke with. He said NO PROBLEM, they'll upgrade me, and ship me a new HR44 overnight, and I wouldn't be required to any contract changes, only pay $19.95 for shipping. OK, I said, and low and behold the Fedex guys arrives at more door with a package from Directv the next morning. COOL, I'll finally can watch TV without getting "****** off" again.


WAIT......open the box. no "new" remote and open the access panel....WHAT.....WAIT....it says HR34....#@^&%$%@!&


So....CALL back to tech support, talk to another tech and she informs me, "oh, they don't upgrade to new receivers, only the same receiver in "new" condition!" She also told me that there was NO REAL difference between the two receivers other than the HR44 has WiFi.  After reading about the new receiver, I know she LIED to me. The remote is new, the hard drive is new, and the list goes on. Cannot believe I was LIED to by someone directly from DirecTV!


OK, I am not happy.  I threatened to terminate my service, and am very unhappy.  Has anyone else dealt with this issue? I have heard great things about the HR44, and am willing to give it a try BEFORE I get rid of DirecTV once and for all......but this last issue of sending me the same dang HR34 has me pretty much fed up all together.


Any help would be great.


Dan H

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    Well most everyone on here are users like you, so directv really won't respond to this message directly..


    I'd say the emailing system is your best bet.


    The way it works, is they just cannot send you out the HR44 by clicking "hr44" it literally does not allow them to choose that option.


    HOWEVER. It is possible to request this. The best way, is again through emailing directv. As long as you give a better argument than "i want the newest receiver" They should give you the hr44. Include in your email what you feel the hr44 does that the hr34 does not.


    AGAIN. most csr's don't realize that you can request. But it literally takes a while to happen.



    Edit: When you request a specific receiver, the CSR has to escalate it up to their team leader, who will in return email directv. so it is best for you to email directv yourself. Was just checking my facts before editing! Hope this helps

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    Your situation is all too common.  DirecTV reps can't guarantee you a specific DVR model. They consider the HR34 and HR44 as "functionally equivalent".   Most folks have better luck by scheduling a service visit because the techs usually have HR44's on their trucks.  


    I think the key question now is .... Does your replacement HR34 exhibit the same issues?   Based on your description, your old HR34 had a dying hard drive.  

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      Right you have to come with a better argument than the HR44 has a new remote and new hard drive (which it does not).  from the looks of it, it looks like you just want the HR44 because is the newer equipment

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        Peds48 - my argument isn't I want to upgrade just because of the better remote, etc etc. Maybe YOU should go back and read my original post about why I want the upgrade. My HR34 is ****, and from reading the reviews on places like DBS Talk and here, sounds like my NEW HR34 they sent me will just be MORE of the same!  Oh yeah and the HR44 does have a new, faster processor.  My problem is the Tech telling me they were sending me the HR44, and receiving another HR34. Why tell me they are sending one thing, and then send another. That'll **** anyone off.

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    1st off dude, CALM THE F DOWN! If you sounded like that **** you were typing on the phone I would have sent you an HR21 just because! 2nd, as an install and service tech who knows infinitely more than the highly qualified peeps on the phone I can tell you this, the HR34 is internally a CLONE of the HR44 with two exceptions. A) the internal power inverter has been moved to an external plug location much like a laptop cord. This is beneficial for two things, it allows for a smaller size and negates the need for heat sinks, thus increasing processor speed slightly. B) The CCK-W (what you would call a wifi adapter) has been integrated internally.


    As far as the remotes go, IMO they are **** due to their lack of multi level functionality. Sure they look nice and every one of them has RF capabilities but they are inferior in the amount of peripherals that you can program them to.


    Both models of Advanced servers have the same HD and processor as well as the same features available. The only reason that there are even two models is actually because of DISH networks Hopper. They were able to bring that device to market first (albeit with several patent violations) so DirecTV rushed their advanced DVR server to market before perfecting the afore mentioned design differences.


    I hope this clears some stuff up and flyweed, dude try decaf!