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Genie is connected to Internet but doesn't know it




New Genie install with 3 Minis.  All network tests from within house are successful. 

1) I can download Video On Demand content - so I'm connected.

2) When I log into my Directv account, it says Internet Connected: No

3) When on DTV app OR PC from in my house on same network that Genie is confirmed to be on, I cannot steam live TV from the channels it says I'm supposed to.  When I try, it says "you must connect to your home wireless network".  I'm 100% positive I'm on same network (192168.1.1 is wireless router and is Genie)

4) In settings I have all Genie settings set to "Allow" for external devices to access.

5) I've reset and rebooted things several times.

6) Can't schedule a recording on Genie DVR using DTV app when not on home network.